Meaning of CONSTRUCT in English


I. kən-ˈstrəkt transitive verb

Etymology: Latin constructus, past participle of construere, from com- + struere to build — more at structure

Date: 1663

1. : to make or form by combining or arranging parts or elements : build ; also : contrive , devise

2. : to draw (a geometrical figure) with suitable instruments and under specified conditions

3. : to set in logical order

• con·struct·abil·i·ty also con·struct·ibil·i·ty -ˌstrək-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē noun

• con·struct·able or con·struct·ible -ˈstrək-tə-bəl adjective

• con·struc·tor -tər noun

II. ˈkän-ˌstrəkt noun

Date: 1933

1. : something constructed by the mind: as

a. : a theoretical entity

the deductive study of abstract construct s — D. J. Boorstin

b. : a working hypothesis or concept

the unconscious was a construct that came from the daily effort to understand patients

2. : a product of ideology, history, or social circumstances

privacy is more than a social construct or an idea; it is a condition of the body — Sallie Tisdale

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