Meaning of DIP in English

(~s, ~ping, ~ped)


If you ~ something in a liquid, you put it into the liquid for a short time, so that only part of it is covered, and take it out again.

Quickly ~ the base in and out of cold water.

VERB: V n into/in n

Dip is also a noun.

One ~ into the bottle should do an entire nail.



If you ~ your hand into a container or ~ into the container, you put your hand into it in order to take something out of it.

She ~ped a hand into the jar of sweets and pulled one out...

Watch your fingers as you ~ into the pot...

Ask the children to guess what’s in each container by ~ping their hands in.

VERB: V n into n, V into n, V n with in


If something ~s, it makes a downward movement, usually quite quickly.

Blake jumped in expertly; the boat ~ped slightly under his weight...

The sun ~ped below the horizon.

VERB: V, V prep

Dip is also a noun.

I noticed little things, a ~ of the head, a twitch in the shoulder.



If an area of land, a road, or a path ~s, it goes down quite suddenly to a lower level.

The road ~ped and rose again.

...a path which suddenly ~s down into a tunnel.

VERB: V, V adv/prep

Dip is also a noun.

Where the road makes a ~, turn right.



If the amount or level of something ~s, it becomes smaller or lower, usually only for a short period of time.

Unemployment ~ped to 6.9 per cent last month...

The president became more cautious as his popularity ~ped.

= fall

VERB: V prep/adv, V

Dip is also a noun.

...the current ~ in farm spending.

N-COUNT: oft N in n


A ~ is a thick creamy sauce. You ~ pieces of raw vegetable or biscuits into the sauce and then eat them.

Maybe we could just buy some ~s.

...prawns with avocado ~.



If you have or take a ~, you go for a quick swim in the sea, a river, or a swimming pool.

She flicked through a romantic paperback between occasional ~s in the pool.

= swim



If you are driving a car and ~ the headlights, you operate a switch that makes them shine downwards, so that they do not shine directly into the eyes of other drivers. (BRIT; in AM, use dim )

He ~ped his headlights as they came up behind a slow-moving van...

This picture shows the view from a car using normal ~ped lights.

VERB: V n, V-ed


If you ~ into a book, you have a brief look at it without reading or studying it seriously.

...a chance to ~ into a wide selection of books on Tibetan Buddhism.

VERB: V into n


If you ~ into a sum of money that you had intended to save, you use some of it to buy something or pay for something.

Just when she was ready to ~ into her savings, Greg hastened to her rescue.

VERB: V into n


to ~ your toes: see toe

see also lucky ~

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