Meaning of DIP in English

/ dɪp; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb ( -pp- )


[ vn ] dip sth (into sth) | dip sth (in) to put sth quickly into a liquid and take it out again :

He dipped the brush into the paint.

Dip your hand in to see how hot the water is.

The fruit had been dipped in chocolate.


[usually + adv. / prep. ] to go downwards or to a lower level; to make sth do this

SYN fall :

[ v ]

The sun dipped below the horizon.

Sales for this quarter have dipped from 38.7 million to 33 million.

The road dipped suddenly as we approached the town.

[ vn ]

The plane dipped its wings.


[ vn ] ( BrE ) if you dip your headlights when driving a car at night, you make the light from them point down so that other drivers do not have the light in their eyes


[ vn ] when farmers dip animals, especially sheep, they put them in a bath of a liquid containing chemicals in order to kill insects, etc.


- dip into your pocket

- dip a toe in / into sth | dip a toe in / into the water


- dip into sth

■ noun


[ C ] ( informal ) a quick swim :

Let's go for a dip before breakfast.


[ C ] a decrease in the amount or success of sth, usually for only a short period

SYN fall :

a sharp dip in profits


[ C ] a place where a surface suddenly drops to a lower level and then rises again :

a dip in the road

Puddles had formed in the dips.


[ C , U ] a thick mixture into which pieces of food are dipped before being eaten


[ U , C ] a liquid containing a chemical into which sheep and other animals can be dipped in order to kill insects on them


[ sing. ] dip into sth a quick look at sth :

A brief dip into history serves to confirm this view.


[ C , usually sing. ] a quick movement of sth down and up :

He gave a dip of his head.

—see also lucky dip



Old English dyppan , of Germanic origin; related to deep .

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