Meaning of FLOOD in English

(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If there is a ~, a large amount of water covers an area which is usually dry, for example when a river flows over its banks or a pipe bursts.

More than 70 people were killed in the ~s, caused when a dam burst...

This is the type of ~ dreaded by cavers...

Over 25 people drowned when a schoolbus tried to cross a river and ~ waters swept through.



If something such as a river or a burst pipe ~s an area that is usually dry or if the area ~s, it becomes covered with water.

The Chicago River ~ed the city’s underground tunnel system...

The kitchen ~ed.

VERB: V n, V


People have been mobilised to build defences and drain ~ed land as heavy rains continue to fall.



If a river ~s, it overflows, especially after very heavy rain.

...the relentless rain that caused twenty rivers to ~...

Many streams have ~ed their banks, making some roads impassable.

= overflow

VERB: V, V n


If you say that a ~ of people or things arrive somewhere, you are emphasizing that a very large number of them arrive there.

The administration is trying to stem the ~ of refugees out of Haiti and into Florida...

He received a ~ of letters from irate constituents.

= tide, torrent

N-COUNT: usu N of n emphasis


If you say that people or things ~ into a place, you are emphasizing that they arrive there in large numbers.

Enquiries ~ed in from all over the world.

...the refugees ~ing out of Kosovo.

= pour

VERB: V prep/adv, V prep/adv emphasis


If you ~ a place with a particular type of thing, or if a particular type of thing ~s a place, the place becomes full of so many of them that it cannot hold or deal with any more.

...a policy aimed at ~ing Europe with exports...

German cameras at knock-down prices ~ed the British market.

= saturate

VERB: V n with n, V n


...the danger of Europe becoming ~ed with low-cost agricultural imports.



If an emotion, feeling, or thought ~s you, you suddenly feel it very intensely. If feelings or memories ~ back, you suddenly remember them very clearly. (LITERARY)

A wave of happiness ~ed me...

Mary Ann was ~ed with relief ...

It was probably the shock which had brought all the memories ~ing back.

VERB: V n, be V-ed with n, V adv


If light ~s a place or ~s into it, it suddenly fills it.

The afternoon light ~ed the little rooms...

Morning sunshine ~ed in through the open curtains.

VERB: V n, V prep/adv


see also flash ~


If you say that someone was in ~s of tears or in a ~ of tears, you are emphasizing that they were crying with great intensity because they were very upset.

They said goodbye in a ~ of tears.

PHRASE: ~ inflects, usu in PHR emphasis

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