Meaning of FREEZE in English


(~s, freezing, froze, frozen)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If a liquid or a substance containing a liquid ~s, or if something ~s it, it becomes solid because of low temperatures.

If the temperature drops below 0°C, water ~s...

The ground froze solid.

...the discovery of how to ~ water at higher temperatures.

...frozen puddles.

VERB: V, V adj, V n, V-ed, also V n adj


If you ~ something such as food, you preserve it by storing it at a temperature below freezing point. You can also talk about how well food ~s.

You can ~ the soup at this stage...

Most fresh herbs will ~ successfully.

VERB: V n, V adv


When it ~s outside, the temperature falls below freezing point.

What if it rained and then froze all through those months?

VERB: it V

Freeze is also a noun.

The trees were damaged by a ~ in December.



If you ~, you feel extremely cold.

The windows didn’t fit at the bottom so for a while we froze even in the middle of summer...



If someone who is moving ~s, they suddenly stop and become completely still and quiet. (WRITTEN)

She froze when the beam of the flashlight struck her.



If the government or a company ~ things such as prices or wages, they state officially that they will not allow them to increase for a fixed period of time. (BUSINESS)

They want the government to ~ prices...


Freeze is also a noun.

A wage ~ was imposed on all staff earlier this month.

N-COUNT: with supp


If a government ~s a plan or process, they state officially that they will not allow it to continue for a period of time.

Britain has already frozen its aid programme...

Diplomatic relations were frozen until August this year.

VERB: V n, V n

Freeze is also a noun.

...a ~ in nuclear weapons programs.

N-COUNT: with supp


If someone in authority ~s something such as a bank account, fund, or property, they obtain a legal order which states that it cannot be used or sold for a particular period of time. (BUSINESS)

The governor’s action ~s 300,000 accounts...

Under these laws, he said, Mr. Rice’s assets could have been frozen.

VERB: V n, V n

Freeze is also a noun.

...a ~ on private savings.

N-COUNT: with supp


see also freezing , frozen

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