Meaning of NONSENSE in English



If you say that something spoken or written is ~, you mean that you consider it to be untrue or silly.

Most orthodox doctors however dismiss this as complete ~.

...all that poetic ~ about love...

‘I’m putting on weight.’—‘Nonsense my dear.’

= rubbish

N-UNCOUNT disapproval


You can use ~ to refer to something that you think is foolish or that you disapprove of.

Surely it is an economic ~ to deplete the world of natural resources...

I think there is a limit to how much of this ~ people are going to put up with.

N-UNCOUNT: also a N, usu supp N disapproval


You can refer to spoken or written words that do not mean anything because they do not make sense as ~.

...a children’s ~ poem by Charles E Carryl.



see also no-~


To make a ~ of something or to make ~ of it means to make it seem ridiculous or pointless.

The fighting made a ~ of peace pledges made in London last week...

PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n

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