Meaning of NONSENSE in English

non ‧ sense S3 /ˈnɒns ə ns $ ˈnɑːnsens/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Word Family: adjective : ↑ sensible , ↑ insensible , ↑ senseless , ↑ sensitive ≠ ↑ insensitive , ↑ sensory , ↑ nonsensical , ↑ insensate ; noun : ↑ sense ≠ ↑ nonsense , ↑ sensibility ≠ ↑ insensibility , ↑ sensitivity ≠ ↑ insensitivity , ↑ senselessness , ↑ sensitization , ↑ sensor ; adverb : ↑ sensibly , ↑ senselessly , ↑ sensitively ≠ ↑ insensitively ; verb : ↑ sense , ↑ sensitize ]

1 . UNTRUE/STUPID ideas, opinions, statements etc that are not true or that seem very stupid SYN rubbish British English :

‘I’m a prisoner in my own home.’ ‘Nonsense!’

absolute/utter/complete nonsense

‘Nobody cares about me.’ ‘That’s absolute nonsense, Mary!’

nonsense about

all this nonsense about health foods

If you ask me, these modern teaching methods are a load of nonsense (=a lot of nonsense) .

He was talking utter nonsense as usual.

be a nonsense British English :

The government’s housing policy is a nonsense.

By 1832 the idea had become an economic nonsense.

it is (a) nonsense to do something

It is nonsense to say that mistakes are never made.

2 . ANNOYING BEHAVIOUR behaviour that is stupid and annoying:

You’re to stop that nonsense, do you hear me?

not stand/put up with/take any nonsense (=not accept such behaviour)

She won’t stand any nonsense from the kids in her class.

3 . WITHOUT MEANING speech or writing that has no meaning or cannot be understood:

Computer programs look like complete nonsense to me.

4 . make (a) nonsense of something British English to make an action, system, or plan useless or ineffective:

Having the army still in power makes a nonsense of last year’s elections.

5 . nonsense poems/verse/rhymes poetry that is humorous because it does not have a sensible meaning

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■ adjectives

▪ complete/total nonsense

Most of what has been written on this subject is complete nonsense.

▪ utter/absolute nonsense (=complete nonsense)

He said that the charges against him were absolute nonsense.

■ verbs

▪ talk nonsense

That's not true - he's talking nonsense!

▪ believe this/that nonsense

Don’t tell me you believe all this nonsense about ghosts!

■ phrases

▪ that's nonsense (=used to emphasize that something is not true)

That’s nonsense. I never said that at all.

▪ a load of nonsense informal (=things that are completely untrue)

What she told you was a load of nonsense. Mark doesn’t drink at all.

▪ a lot of nonsense (=things that are completely untrue)

‘Don’t fill her head with a lot of nonsense,’ said her mother.

▪ stuff and nonsense old-fashioned (=nonsense)

When asked what he thought of astrology, he replied, 'Stuff and nonsense!'

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