Meaning of ROUTE in English


(~s, routing, ~d)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


A ~ is a way from one place to another.

...the most direct ~ to the town centre...

All escape ~s were blocked by armed police...



A bus, air, or shipping ~ is the way between two places along which buses, planes, or ships travel regularly.

...the main shipping ~s to Japan.

N-COUNT: oft supp N


In the United States, Route is used in front of a number in the names of main roads between major cities.

...the Broadway-Webster exit on Route 580.



Your ~ is the series of visits you make to different people or places, as part of your job. (mainly AM; in BRIT, usually use round , rounds )

He began cracking open big blue tins of butter cookies and feeding the dogs on his ~...



You can refer to a way of achieving something as a ~.

Researchers are trying to get at the same information through an indirect ~...

= road

N-COUNT: usu with supp


If vehicles, goods, or passengers are ~d in a particular direction, they are made to travel in that direction.

Double-stack trains are taking a lot of freight that used to be ~d via trucks...

Approaching cars will be ~d into two lanes.

VERB: usu passive, be V-ed prep/adv, be V-ed prep/adv


En ~ to a place means on the way to that place. En ~ is sometimes spelled on ~ in non-standard English.

They have arrived in London en ~ to the United States...

One of the bags was lost en ~.

PHRASE: oft PHR to/from/for n


Journalists sometimes use en ~ when they are mentioning an event that happened as part of a longer process or before another event.

The German set three tournament records and equalled two others en ~ to grabbing golf’s richest prize.

PHRASE: oft PHR to n/-ing


If you go the ~, you do something fully or continue with a task until you have completely finished. (AM)

They have gone the ~, in many cases, of just big–big bowls, big statues, big masks, big everything.

PHRASE: go inflects

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