Meaning of ROUTE in English

/ ruːt; NAmE ; NAmE also raʊt/ noun , verb

■ noun


route (from A to B) a way that you follow to get from one place to another :

Which is the best route to take?

Motorists are advised to find an alternative route.

a coastal route

the quickest route from Florence to Rome

an escape route

—see also en route


a fixed way along which a bus, train, etc. regularly travels or goods are regularly sent :

The house is not on a bus route .

shipping routes

a cycle route (= a path that is only for cyclists )


route (to sth) a particular way of achieving sth :

the route to success


used before the number of a main road in the US :

Route 66

■ verb

( rout·ing or route·ing , rout·ed , rout·ed ) [ vn , usually + adv. / prep. ] to send sb/sth by a particular route :

Satellites route data all over the globe.



Middle English : from Old French rute road, from Latin rupta (via) broken (way), feminine past participle of rumpere .

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