Meaning of ROUTE in English

I. ˈrü]t, ˈrau̇], usu ]d.+V noun

also rout ˈrau̇]

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English rute, route, from Old French route troop, band, route, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin rupta ( via ), literally, broken way, beaten way, from Latin rupta, feminine of ruptus, past participle of rumpere to break — more at reave


a. : a traveled way : road , highway

expressways, toll roads, turnpikes, and similar large-scale routes — P.F.Griffin

because of its position on a water route , the village soon became a river-traffic center — American Guide Series: Michigan

b. : a means of access : channel , path

preparedness was offered as a route to peace — F.L.Paxson

liberal arts courses … as a route to the graduate schools — University of Chicago Round Table


a. : a regular routine : customary progression

b. : a method of transmitting a disease or of administering a remedy

the airborne route of … infection — M.L.Furcolow

may be injected into … patients who cannot for any reason take the material by the oral route — Collier's Year Book

3. : a line or direction of travel : course , track

bayous change their routes with each flood — Lamp

U.S. 19 follows the general route of the old Catawba Trail — American Guide Series: North Carolina


a. : an established itinerary : a selected or regularly traversed passage especially between two distant points

soon I'll be over the panhandle … if I've not drifted north of route — C.A.Lindbergh b.1902

permission … for 53 new domestic air routes — Americana Annual

the preponderance of shipping traffic along the north Atlantic route — R.S.Thoman

specifically : a telephone line

a new procedure … enables operators to use the circuits on busy routes more efficiently — C.F.Craig

b. : an assigned territory to be systematically covered

postal route

paper route

c. : a prescribed manner of shipment that may include selected carriers, junctions, and delivery point

inform me by what route they had sent an order — Georgina Grahame

5. archaic : marching orders

our route came for a march — Robert Bage

6. : a horse race of a mile or more

a horse trained for routes does not do well in sprints

Synonyms: see way

II. transitive verb

also rout “

( -ed/-ing/-s )


a. : to plan an itinerary for : send by a selected route : direct

route lines through the richest inland spots — American Guide Series: Minnesota

routed volunteers to the guerilla frontiers — E.P.Snow

b. : to divert in a specified direction

route the high voltage to the various engine cylinders in the correct sequence — Aircraft Power Plants

took to routing their business through his … colleague — S.H.Adams

c. : to select the course to be followed by a shipment by designating carrier, intermediate points, junctions, and final delivery

2. : to put (the mail for a postal route) in order for delivery

3. : to prearrange and direct the order and execution of (a series of processes or transactions) in a factory or business : dispatch documents or materials to appropriate destinations

route an invoice to the accounting department

Synonyms: see send

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