Meaning of SIGNAL in English

(~s, ~ling, ~led)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.

Note: in AM, use '~ing', '~ed'


A ~ is a gesture, sound, or action which is intended to give a particular message to the person who sees or hears it.

They fired three distress ~s...

As soon as it was dark, Mrs Evans gave the ~...

You mustn’t fire without my ~.



If you ~ to someone, you make a gesture or sound in order to send them a particular message.

The United manager was to be seen frantically ~ling to McClair...

He stood up, ~ling to the officer that he had finished with his client...

She ~led a passing taxi and ordered him to take her to the rue Marengo.

VERB: V prep/adv, V that, V n, also V


If an event or action is a ~ of something, it suggests that this thing exists or is going to happen.

Kurdish leaders saw the visit as an important ~ of support...

= sign

N-COUNT: with supp


If someone or something ~s an event, they suggest that the event is happening or likely to happen.

She will be ~ling massive changes in energy policy...

The outcome of that meeting could ~ whether there truly exists a political will to begin negotiating.

= indicate

VERB: V n, V wh


A ~ is a piece of equipment beside a railway, which indicates to train drivers whether they should stop the train or not.



A ~ is a series of radio waves, light waves, or changes in electrical current which may carry information.

...high-frequency radio ~s.


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