Meaning of SIGNAL in English

I. noun


a hand gesture/signal (= a movement of your hand to show what you mean )

He made a rude hand gesture at the other driver.

a signal honour formal (= a great honour )

He received the signal honour of becoming an Honorary Fellow of the college.

busy signal

I keep getting a busy signal .

distress signal

We picked up a distress signal 6 km away.

engaged tone/signal (= the sound you hear when the phone is engaged )

give a wave/movement/signal

He gave a wave of his hand.

Don’t move until I give the signal.

signal a change (= be a sign of a change )

Does this move signal a change in US foreign policy?

signal box

smoke signal

time signal

turn signal


a weak radio signal




No busy signals , paper jams, or failed attempts.

The busy signal , he saw now, had not been arbitrary.

Again, the Brapid busy signal that meant no connection.

All three dialed up without encountering any busy signals when tested Thursday morning.

And here the Shamir government is busy sending negative signals .

Many of its 8 million members get busy signals when they try to connect.

He thought I was home, but all he got was a busy signal .

But most people found only busy signals , as structural damage and call volume overwhelmed local phone systems.


However, they still had no luck as, here again, there was no clear signal .

Even when women find the man unappealing, they do not send clear rejection signals to begin with, the researchers found.

But his arrest is not a clear signal that the opposite is true.

It is not enough to acknowledge the importance of collective entrepreneurship; clear and consistent signals must reinforce the new story.

The peer group gives out clear signals to its members both about style and about fundamental values and perspectives.

It is clear that this signal is the same in all higher vertebrates; what has changed in evolution is the response.

The presence of Mars in Scorpio is as clear a signal as you could wish for.

The above discussion suggests that, when needed, clear signals of information status can be employed in written language.


MPEG-2 sets the standard for the compression of digital signals , the most complicated and expensive element of any digital broadcasting system.

Time Division Multiple Access converts conversations into digital signals and assigns each one specific time slots.

These are then traced on a touch-sensitive drawing board to make digital data signals which are dumped in the computer memory.

With digital signals , though, the problem is almost nonexistent.

Sending such digital signals lends itself well to using light along optical fibres rather than electrical signals along copper wires.

It enables your loudspeakers to produce music by converting the digital signal to an analog waveform.


This unit converts light pulses into electrical signals and vice-versa.

The traffic of ions into and out of neurons underlies their capacity to generate and transmit electrical signals .

We conclude that the systemic response is caused by an electrical signal propagating through the plant.

Images could be converted from light or other radiation to an analog electrical signal .

In these, messages are carried as flashes of light rather than electrical signals so there is no possibility of interference.

Radio antennas receive radio waves and change them into electrical signals which are then turned into sound by the speakers.

However, we will from time to time assume that we are discussing electronic computers, implemented by the routing and gating of electrical signals .

No electrical signal , whether down a wire or through the ether, appears able to travel faster than light.


The speech sent a strong signal confirming foreign policy is far down on his list of priorities.

They want to engineer products that put out a strong signal with minimal interference.

The stronger signal observed with the antisense probe indicates transcription.

Choosing Cheney also sends a strong signal about George W's confidence.

Last week, Francis sent out the strongest possible signal that he won't settle for second best at Sheffield Wednesday.

That would be a fairly strong buy signal .

The result was a group of cells with extra ion channels capable of producing stronger electrical signals .

Intermodulation A consequence of some forms of harmonic distortion is that a strong signal modules a weak one.


Also its signals would contain a lot less noise, particularly important in measuring and handling very weak signals.



Approaching the signal box he mounted the steps, the hand-rail creaking as he used it for support.

A class D9 No. 6028 departs southwards, seen from the signal box .

With the modernisation of the railway system, Brooke End signal box was abandoned, its structure left to stand forlorn.

He walked along Platform 2 and noticed smoke coming from the signal box .

Between the years 1902-1902, there was actually a signal box situated well inside the Woodhead tunnel.

A typical branch line country station complete with signal box has been created.

Terror gripped the two men as they ran as fast as they could away from the ghostly train towards Elsham signal box .

There is a signal box at each end, East and West also the Breakdown Vans, ready when they are wanted.


Failing all this, raising and lowering your outstretched arms at your side is an accepted international distress signal .

Even if the means could be found, there were reasons why they might never attempt to beam a distress signal into space.

On a given distress signal from him, or from anyone close to him, I was to post them off.

They act like linguistic distress signals .


This is a star's radio signal .

It is a manner of speech now increasingly rare in the world, faded and ever weakening like a lost radio signal .

Twenty minutes after the first radio signal , Lawton finished his pre-flight checks.

The equipment compresses the radio signal into digital form, then adds buffers to make up for any sound lost in transmission.

But if so, we might have expected to he contacted by them, or at least to detect their radio signals .

There is a seven-second delay between transmission of the radio signal and when it can be heard on computer.

Most of the time, though, he processed requests to collect radio signals from targeted coordinates.

Alec monitored a variety of radio signals , but rarely responded himself.


As humans we can transmit messages to each other by speaking, writing, morse code, semaphore and smoke signals .

In addition he or she could see smoke signals sent from island to island.

Mercurial changes in painted light were due to fog, not smoke signals .


An answer that the Under-Secretary gave me on 15 October 1990 suggested that a fair number of warning signals would be available.

The advice to drivers is to slow down and take heed of the warning signals .

That was the cue for Spartak to post the warning signals with a series of slick attacks.

This type of warning signal is today known as Batesian Mimicry.



Here the pulses are converted into signals that provide the directional information, just as with a conventional switch type joys tick.

Time Division Multiple Access converts conversations into digital signals and assigns each one specific time slots.

The digital images held in the memory banks are converted to television signals which are displayed on the monitor.

It enables your loudspeakers to produce music by converting the digital signal to an analog waveform.

To cross this gap, an action potential must be converted from an electrical signal to a chemical signal.


According to the inventor, the ear generates a reference signal which mixes with incoming sounds to produce a composite signal.

The traffic of ions into and out of neurons underlies their capacity to generate and transmit electrical signals .

However, these two stores may interact with each other to generate calcium signals .

Molecules read the result of the reactions and generate output signals .

A part of the computer generates special electronic signals which cause the characters to be displayed on the screen.

There is indeed direct evidence that mechanical stress can generate intracellular signals that regulate gene expression.

This also generates a bias signal required by the delay line chip.


Finally, cells give out and receive signals from neighbouring cells.

From within he was given a vague signal that this was the time to stand up and away.

He hadn't seen Goebbels give any signal , but when he looked up the orderly was waiting to escort him away.

They set about loosening the ropes just enough for them to be able to reach the knot once Graham gave the signal .

Part of the problem is that the church over the centuries has given mixed signals about the family.

Nodding, Seton gave the awaited signal to fire.

No sooner were the colleges given the signal to diversify than limits were placed on diversification.

The thing reportedly couldn't find its critical paths and gave off false signals that everything was hunky-dory when it wasn't.


To pick up the reflected signals , the cellphone has to be held steady for a few seconds, says Lubecke.

Our remote sensing device has picked up a signal which is now displayed on a screen in front of us.

Astronomers need much longer observation times and a constant altitude to pick up faint signals or observe rare events.

At that point, the plane should pick up a signal coming from the first of two ground-based beacons.

Once you have picked up a signal you concentrate in that area until the signal is received at the greatest possible volume.

This time he seems to be picking up the signals of some approaching hostility towards him.


The sequence generator produces the phase control signals and is triggered by step command pulses from a constant frequency clock.

According to the inventor, the ear generates a reference signal which mixes with incoming sounds to produce a composite signal.

The individual that produces the most clear-cut signal is most likely to have the most offspring.

The preamp produces the buffered signal necessary for a flat-response direct input.

A further problem can be the microphone performance - different microphones can produce different acoustic signals which need to be standardised.

These migrating sheets of cells produce a signal which induces a nervous system in the overlying sheet.

The result was a group of cells with extra ion channels capable of producing stronger electrical signals .


Of course, eventually the samples reach the last capacitor in the chain, where they provide the output signal before being discarded.

When the insect is ready to mature, juvenile hormone secretion must stop and allatostatin provides the signal .

This anticipates the inadequacy in the feedback control, and provides a supplementary signal .

Along the way she provides cues and signals to help the child with the next step.

Any ferret can carry the transmitting device that provides the signal to be picked up by the hand-held locator.

And are auditors particularly well qualified to provide such a signal ?

The aim is to have prices reflect all available information and so provide reliable signals upon which investment decisions can be based.

This Important feature enables a waveform detection system to do much more than provide signals confirming step completion in high speed systems.


We all send and receive visual signals when we talk to each other.

The radio suddenly stops receiving the electromagnetic signals it turns into sound.

I certainly received that signal and pressed onwards to the Alps.

He radioed the airport control tower to confirm that they could receive his transponder signal .

Finally, cells give out and receive signals from neighbouring cells.

These, under the Steward and Moray, were not to attempt ingress until they received a signal from the front party.

Using recording electrodes connected to transmitters, they received the signals in a receiving truck parked in the subjects' driveways.


The other monkeys might have been responding to a visual signal or they may have seen the leopard themselves.

In general, during his first year in office, Carter was distressed by Soviet failure to respond to his signals .

The evidence from the case studies demonstrates that managers did not respond to market signals in simplistic ways.

If the vehicle is friendly, it automatically responds with a signal to the shooter.

He is responding to market signals .

Braggarts can help themselves by working on responding to signals that other people use, looking and listening.

But the cell must already have an internal system which can respond to such signals and again the signal is being selective.

The cells in the progress zone all multiply and can respond to positional signals .


Desire licked like a flame at her senses, sending dangerous signals to her brain.

We all send and receive visual signals when we talk to each other.

They test their models by sending signals back through the electrodes and observing changes in behavior.

It has sent signals that the Tories never would.

Ah, but we need to use it to send a signal .

Maybe the reason scientists have yet to receive signals from extraterrestrial intelligence is because there isn't any extraterrestrial intelligence sending signals.

They gave the wrong impression, sent the wrong signal .


He flipped the radio switches on again and transmitted his call signal to the base at Alma-Ata.

They continuously transmit coded signals and time data that receivers use to compute latitude and longitude.

Filter synthesis 12.1 Introduction An ideal filter would perfectly transmit signals at all desired frequencies and completely reject them at all other frequencies.

The traffic of ions into and out of neurons underlies their capacity to generate and transmit electrical signals .

It transmits a signal of continuous dashes in morse.

A laser transmitted faint light signals to an electronic detector.

It transmits a signal of continuous dots and dashes and activates an Amer light, flashing the same signal.


send (sb) a message/signal

A cellular phone is really a mobile radio system that sends a signal out over public airwaves.

And sometimes they send e-mail messages to Walsh and Pulver, updating the information on the size of their share-holdings.

And they coincided with the bulges in the geoid, which sent a clear message to geophysicists.

But finding a way to send a message faster than light struck me as more straight forward.

For the 11 countries inside the euro, it sends a positive signal to the financial markets.

Provided you both have Net access, it's as quick, easy and cheap as sending a message across the street.

Turned out she wanted to know if Uncle Adam had been sending any radio messages.

Would I care to send in a message?


Don't start yet - wait until I give the signal .

During mating season, female butterflies respond to subtle signals from the males.

Stock brokers use roughly 300 hand signals on the trading floor.

The soldiers were waiting for the signal to start firing.

The telephone changes sound waves into electrical signals.

We just sat there, waiting for the signal to turn green.

When I nod my head, that's the signal for you to start playing the music.


As humans we can transmit messages to each other by speaking, writing, morse code, semaphore and smoke signals.

It can fine-tune the signal the receptors pass on, and it can change the number of receptors.

Moma Parsheen had sent the exterminatus signal just over a week earlier.

That was the signal for us to leave.

The signals just get louder and louder.

The biggest surprise was the sudden reappearance of the radio signals.

This ability to adjust signals is a mechanism for learning.

When the insect is ready to mature, juvenile hormone secretion must stop and allatostatin provides the signal .

II. verb




Women get together and discuss the lack of hot water and other domestic issues which also signals their awareness of sexism.

The Reagan New Federalism also signalled an increased dependence of urban areas on state government.

It would, says Peter Allen, also signal a message of hope for local people.

Flat or falling prices for key commodities also signal price stability, and slower growth.

The Chancellor also signalled he did not favour an early cut in interest rates.

He also signalled that he hoped to have talks with Zulu leaders, including Buthelezi, in the near future.

In an Inland Revenue consultation paper, Mr Brown also signalled a willingness to disregard student loans when calculating tax credit levels.



Some cultures permit a reciprocal hug to signal welcome on arrival , and again on departure to signal appreciation of the visit.


Bells were rung at either end of a conversation to signal the beginning and end of the call.


In 1844 he signalled a change of direction by appointing Mikhail Vorontsov to the new post of Caucasian Viceroy.

But in rapidly heating or cooling markets, new-home prices can signal a change in overall price trends.

It is not yet clear whether this signals a more general change in the government's approach to the funding of education.

They signal moments of change and transition.


The emergence of a Five Nations cup, a handsome piece of silverware has signalled the end of an era.

The peace is broken by the bell that signals the end of the day.

However, 1985 signalled the end of the post-war trend of decline in working hours in Britain.

He continued to box until 1910 when a deteriorating eye condition signalled the end of his active career.

Postmodernism does not signal the end of politics or the creation of forms which are emptied of political content.

The more so at Augusta, the arrival of which each year seems to signal the happy end of winter hibernation.

It was always possible that Will Sin's death might have signalled the end for the band.


Better Schools signalled the government's intention to offer a further statement on the organisation and content of the 5-16 curriculum.

The property claim signals prosecutors' intention to dismantle what they consider an organized crime syndicate.

Ford signalled his intention to treat legislators as allies rather than adversaries.

It signals his intention not to become a pen-pusher but to spend time trackside as he has always done.

These markings are found on many of the cat family and are used for signalling their intentions and mood to others.

The Department of Health has signalled its intention to review the formula in the light of 1991 census data, again using small area analysis.

These pledges signal such an intention .


The subsequent phase between 1934 and 1939 signalled the return of the party from the political wilderness of sectarian isolationism.

The Lima standoff seems to signal a return to overt political action by Tupac Amaru.


But it would signal a policy shift by the central bank that could crimp the economy severely later on.


This signalled the start of the victory celebrations as Randalstown swamped the Victorians circle.

I love the sweet bell that ends the round, and hate its sour, doomsday note when it signals the start .

They use intonational cues to signal the start of a new paragraph.

In fact, it is the greed that serves to signal the start of his entrepreneurship.

An eerie blast on a horn signalled the start of the ceremony and the crowd became silent.

Then when ready, they push a button to signal the start of their 40 shots that make up the first round.

The inquiry found he twice failed to signal a false start .


A sailor began signalling with two flags.

An official signalled that it was time for the race to begin.

Graham finished his drink and signalled to the waiter.

He'd been signaling his desire to leave for over a year.

Slowly he inched around the corner, signalling for the others to follow.

The display will flash "L," signaling the user to change the batteries.

The driver in front of us was signaling left, but he didn't turn off.

The melting of the ice on the lake signals the start of spring.


Again and again Cheryl signalled the message, hoping desperately that Angela would read it.

But he admits that his self-control snapped sufficiently for him to signal the score, 3-1 to West Ham.

But three recent cases are piquing our interest, and analysts say they may signal new and more venal form of corruption.

For the hopeful, increased use of leave signals social progress, greater sharing by fathers.

Most of the processing would be done remotely, signalling to the lens via a radio link.

The fires burned through the night, signalling across the forest that the era of the rajathuk was at an end.

The threshold is achieved on both input processing elements, so both elements fire and pass signals on to the middle layer.

III. adjective


Headlight controls are on the turn signal stalk, wiper controls on another stalk to the right of the steering wheel.

They may act as signal warning for developments in other fields.

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