Meaning of TWICE in English


Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


If something happens ~, there are two actions or events of the same kind.

He visited me ~ that fall and called me on the telephone often...

Thoroughly brush teeth and gums ~ daily...

ADV: ADV with v, ADV adv, ADV n


You use ~ in expressions such as ~ a day and ~ a week to indicate that two events or actions of the same kind happen in each day or week.

I phoned ~ a day, leaving messages with his wife...

ADV: ADV a n


If one thing is, for example, ~ as big or old as another, the first thing is two times as big or old as the second. People sometimes say that one thing is ~ as good or hard as another when they want to emphasize that the first thing is much better or harder than the second.

The figure of seventy-million pounds was ~ as big as expected.

ADV: ADV as adj/adv

Twice is also a predeterminer.

Unemployment in Northern Ireland is ~ the national average...



If you think ~ about doing something, you consider it again and decide not to do it, or decide to do it differently.

She’d better shut her mouth and from now on think ~ before saying stupid things.

PHRASE: V inflects


once or ~: see once

~ over: see over

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