Meaning of TWICE in English




be twice the size of sth

The creature was about twice the size of a small dog.

make the same mistake again/twice

We won’t make the same mistake again.

twice/three times etc as many

The company now employs four times as many women as men.




This twice daily peristalsis creates tidal currents every six hours, pushing sea water first north, then south.

Six capsules of each treatment were given twice daily for 16 weeks.

Both forms were completed twice daily at home for 14 days.

He also became a great favourite with the occupants of the local school bus, which passed his garden gate twice daily .

The mainstay of treatment is a twice daily form of physiotherapy, usually done by the child's parents.

Octreotide is usually given by intermittent subcutaneous injection of 100-500 µg twice daily or three times daily.

On average, she vomited twice daily and was obsessed with dieting.



To start a new paragraph tap Enter twice .

Press Enter twice . 26. type the last paragraph.

Press Enter twice to place the cursor on the Type of Forms option. 7.

Press Enter twice . notice that the first paragraph is hanging text.

Press Enter twice to return to your document.

If you double-spaced between paragraphs by pressing Enter twice , you must press Del twice.

Press Enter twice to reach the second key. 10.


They pay TWICE as much interest as many High Street instant access accounts.

To be guaranteed a single, you must pay twice that.

If such costs are incurred in calculating a self-supply charge, tax could be paid twice .

One employee failed to report that he had been paid twice and owes the United Nations more than $ 34, 000.

He was willing to pay twice that for David Hirst!!

Interest will be paid twice a year, and it will be based on the inflation-adjusted principal.

You can pay twice as much for a wooden model when compared to a similar-sized aluminium one.

Even if I was paid twice what I get at the cafe, I still wouldn't bloody stick at home all day.


Umaga again looked world class, scoring twice and using his pace and angled running to create several more scores.

Despite their silky passing, Forrester was able to score twice and kill them off.

Greg Adams scored twice for Florida.

Robert Fleck ran his heart out on his debut and might have scored twice .

Phinney Gardner scored twice for the Bears.

Goal ace Mark Backley scored twice with Graham Davies also netting.

Bonilla was 2-for-3 in Game 1 and scored twice .


The Ferryhill area was struck twice last weekend, once on Friday and then again on Saturday.

Lightning struck twice when the band played the wedding of friend Brian Setzer, the rockabilly guitarist and ex-Stray Cat.

United were forced into a rearguard action against a lively Dynamo side for whom Maksim Shatskikh twice struck the woodwork.

The mast upon which the writer was perched was twice struck ....


A 50% student for instance will think twice before putting forward one of his ideas for discussion with a group of 60% students.

It made us think twice about striking out in new directions.

And he will prod the party to think twice about shrinking the scope of government.

Prepare yourself to feel alienated, and think twice before bringing a date.

One has to think twice before one orders a cup of coffee, in case one's making use of one's position.

Without having to think twice , I called up the cable company and added an extra tier of channels.

You can bet Mark will think twice next time about taking a week off.

A third would think twice about moving home if it would upset their pets.


Player has won twice since 1991.

Both teams have won twice in three outings and a keen, tightly contested struggle is in prospect.

United won twice away last month at Bristol Rovers and Wolves, while Birmingham are on a real downer.

The Tour has been won twice on the last stage.

He appears to be something of a Lingfield specialist, having won twice on the all-weather flat track.

Faldo has the invaluable experience of having won twice at Augusta.


cousin once/twice etc removed

lightning never strikes twice

once bitten, twice shy

once bitten, twice shy

once or twice

Once or twice, he thought about calling his parents, but then decided not to.

And you have once or twice, haven't you?

Even he himself had had to beat it into the ground once or twice as one did a snake.

He'd been smashed on booze once or twice, but this was different.

He played for Northern Ireland once or twice.

He swallowed hard once or twice.

He was some one I would probably sleep with once or twice and then maybe become friends with afterward.

If needed, this can be repeated once or twice.

They merely mentioned it once or twice as a divine possibility.

think twice

Anyone thinking about having unprotected sex should think twice.

I hope this latest attack will make people think twice about mindless violence towards ethnic minorities.

The heavy penalties are designed to make people think twice before committing a crime.

And if that is the case, they might think twice before giving you their money.

I never thought twice about leaving Joliet.

If they did, they would think twice before acceding to such inclinations.

It made us think twice about striking out in new directions.

Massa said the ruling will make hospitals think twice before breaking the law.

No-one should think twice about blurting out the whole story.

That was normal, I didn't think twice about it.

These foods are potentially dangerous, yet nobody thinks twice before handing them out to their loved ones.

twice over/three times over etc


I've only met him twice .

I play golf twice a week.

She's been married twice before.

Staff meetings are held twice a month.

The company's accounts were checked twice over, the second time by an independent auditor.

The weather was great - it only rained twice in three weeks.

You should read the exam question twice over before answering it.

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