Meaning of CRACK in English


n., v., & adj.

n. 1 a a sudden sharp or explosive noise (the crack of a whip; a rifle crack). b (in a voice) a sudden harshness or change in pitch. 2 a sharp blow (a crack on the head). 3 a a narrow opening formed by a break (entered through a crack in the wall). b a partial fracture, with the parts still joined (the teacup has a crack in it). c a chink (looked through the crack formed by the door; a crack of light). 4 colloq. a mischievous or malicious remark or aside (a nasty crack about my age). 5 colloq. an attempt (I'll have a crack at it). 6 the exact moment (at the crack of noon; the crack of dawn). 7 colloq. a first-rate player, horse, etc. 8 dial. colloq. conversation; good company; fun (only went there for the crack). 9 sl. a potent hard crystalline form of cocaine broken into small pieces and inhaled or smoked for its stimulating effect.

v. 1 tr. & intr. break without a complete separation of the parts (cracked the window; the cup cracked on hitting the floor). 2 intr. & tr. make or cause to make a sudden sharp or explosive sound. 3 intr. & tr. break or cause to break with a sudden sharp sound. 4 intr. & tr. give way or cause to give way (under torture etc.); yield. 5 intr. (of the voice, esp. of an adolescent boy or a person under strain) become dissonant; break. 6 tr. colloq. find a solution to (a problem, code, etc.). 7 tr. say (a joke etc.) in a jocular way. 8 tr. colloq. hit sharply or hard (cracked her head on the ceiling). 9 tr. Chem. decompose (heavy oils) by heat and pressure with or without a catalyst to produce lighter hydrocarbons (such as petrol). 10 tr. break (wheat) into coarse pieces.

attrib.adj. colloq. excellent; first-rate (a crack regiment; a crack shot). crack a bottle open a bottle, esp. of wine, and drink it. crack-brained crazy. crack a crib sl. break into a house. crack-down colloq. severe measures (esp. against law-breakers etc.). crack down on colloq. take severe measures against. crack-jaw colloq.

adj. (of a word) difficult to pronounce.

n. such a word. crack of doom a thunder-peal announcing the Day of Judgement. crack up colloq. 1 collapse under strain. 2 praise. crack-up n. colloq. 1 a mental breakdown. 2 a car crash. crack-willow a species of willow, Salix fragilis, with brittle branches. fair crack of the whip colloq. a fair chance to participate etc. get cracking colloq. begin promptly and vigorously. have a crack at colloq. attempt.

[ OE cracian resound ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.