Meaning of DISCRETION in English


n. 1 being discreet; discreet behaviour (treats confidences with discretion). 2 prudence; self-preservation. 3 the freedom to act and think as one wishes, usu. within legal limits (it is within his discretion to leave). 4 Law a court's freedom to decide a sentence etc. at discretion as one pleases. at the discretion of to be settled or disposed of according to the judgement or choice of. discretion is the better part of valour reckless courage is often self-defeating. use one's discretion act according to one's own judgement. years (or age) of discretion the esp. legal age at which a person is able to manage his or her own affairs. discretionary adj.

[ ME f. OF f. L discretio -onis (as DISCREET) ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.