Meaning of PEDAL in English


n. & v.

n. 1 any of several types of foot-operated levers or controls for mechanisms, esp.: a either of a pair of levers for transmitting power to a bicycle or tricycle wheel etc. b any of the foot-operated controls in a motor vehicle. c any of the foot-operated keys of an organ used for playing notes, or for drawing out several stops at once etc. d each of the foot-levers on a piano etc. for making the tone fuller or softer. e each of the foot-levers on a harp for altering the pitch of the strings. 2 a note sustained in one part, usu. the bass, through successive harmonies, some of which are independent of it.

v. (pedalled, pedalling; US pedaled, pedaling) 1 intr. operate a cycle, organ, etc. by using the pedals. 2 tr. work (a bicycle etc.) with the pedals. pedal cycle a bicycle.

[ F pédale f. It. pedale f. L (as PEDAL(2)) ]

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