Meaning of PEDAL in English


~ 1 [ 'pɛd(ə)l ]

■ noun

1》 each of a pair of foot-operated levers for powering a bicycle or other vehicle propelled by leg power.

2》 a foot-operated throttle, brake, or clutch control in a motor vehicle.

3》 each of a set of two or three foot-operated levers on a piano, for sustaining or softening the tone.

↘a foot-operated lever on other musical instruments, such as a harp or organ.

↘a foot-operated device for producing a sound effect on an electric guitar.

4》 Music short for ~ note .

■ verb ( ~s , ~ling , ~led ; US ~s , ~ing , ~ed )

1》 move by working the ~s of a bicycle.

2》 use the ~s of a piano, organ, etc.


with the ~ to the metal N. Amer. informal at full speed.


~ler ( US ~er ) noun


C17: from Fr. pédale , from Ital. ~e , from L. ~is (see ~ 2 ).


People often confuse the words ~ and peddle . Pedal is a noun referring to a foot-operated lever, as on a bicycle, and a verb chiefly meaning ‘move by working the ~s of a bicycle’ ( they ~led along the road ). Peddle , on the other hand, is a verb meaning ‘sell goods or promote an idea’ ( he peddled printing materials around the country ).


~ 2 [ 'pɛd(ə)l , 'pi:- ]

■ adjective chiefly Medicine & Zoology relating to the foot or feet.


C17: from L. ~is , from pes , ped- 'foot'.

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