Meaning of QUICK in English

adj., adv., & n.

adj. 1 taking only a short time (a quick worker). 2 arriving after a short time, prompt (quick action; quick results). 3 with only a short interval (in quick succession). 4 lively, intelligent. 5 acute, alert (has a quick ear). 6 (of a temper) easily roused. 7 archaic living, alive (the quick and the dead).

adv. 1 quickly, at a rapid rate. 2 (as int.) come, go, etc., quickly.

n. 1 the soft flesh below the nails, or the skin, or a sore. 2 the seat of feeling or emotion (cut to the quick). be quick act quickly. quick-fire 1 (of repartee etc.) rapid. 2 firing shots in quick succession. quick-freeze 1 freeze (food) rapidly so as to preserve its natural qualities. 2 this process. quick march Mil. 1 a march in quick time. 2 the command to begin this. quick one colloq. a drink taken quickly. quick step Mil. a step used in quick time (cf. QUICKSTEP). quick time Mil. marching at about 120 paces per minute. quick trick Bridge 1 a trick in the first two rounds of a suit. 2 the card that should win this. quick with child archaic at a stage of pregnancy when movements of the foetus have been felt. quickly adv. quickness n.

[ OE cwic(u) alive f. Gmc ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.