Meaning of WRITE in English

v. (past wrote; past part. written) 1 intr. mark paper or some other surface by means of a pen, pencil, etc., with symbols, letters, or words. 2 tr. form or mark (such symbols etc.). 3 tr. form or mark the symbols that represent or constitute (a word or sentence, or a document etc.). 4 tr. fill or complete (a sheet, cheque, etc.) with writing. 5 tr. put (data) into a computer store. 6 tr. (esp. in passive) indicate (a quality or condition) by one's or its appearance (guilt was written on his face). 7 tr. compose (a text, article, novel, etc.) for written or printed reproduction or publication; put into literary etc. form and set down in writing. 8 intr. be engaged in composing a text, article, etc. (writes for the local newspaper). 9 intr. (foll. by to) write and send a letter (to a recipient). 10 tr. US or colloq. write and send a letter to (a person) (wrote him last week). 11 tr. convey (news, information, etc.) by letter (wrote that they would arrive next Friday). 12 tr. state in written or printed form (it is written that). 13 tr. cause to be recorded. 14 tr. underwrite (an insurance policy). 15 tr. (foll. by into, out of) include or exclude (a character or episode) in a story by suitable changes of the text. 16 tr. archaic describe in writing. nothing to write home about colloq. of little interest or value. write down 1 record or take note of in writing. 2 write as if for those considered inferior. 3 disparage in writing. 4 reduce the nominal value of (stock, goods, etc.). write in 1 send a suggestion, query, etc., in writing to an organization, esp. a broadcasting station. 2 US add (an extra name) on a list of candidates when voting. write-in n. US an instance of writing in (see write in 2). write off 1 write and send a letter. 2 cancel the record of (a bad debt etc.); acknowledge the loss of or failure to recover (an asset). 3 damage (a vehicle etc.) so badly that it cannot be repaired. 4 compose with facility. write-off n. a thing written off, esp. a vehicle too badly damaged to be repaired. write out 1 write in full or in finished form. 2 exhaust (oneself) by writing (have written myself out). write up 1 write a full account of. 2 praise in writing. 3 make entries to bring (a diary etc.) up to date. write-up n. colloq. a written or published account, a review. writable adj.

[ OE writan scratch, score, write, f. Gmc: orig. used of symbols inscribed with sharp tools on stone or wood ]

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