Meaning of WRITE in English



a writing desk (= that you use for writing letters etc )

Under the window was a small writing desk.

a writing/painting/dancing etc competition

Greg won the school public-speaking competition.

a written agreement

There is usually a written agreement between the borrower and the bank.

a written apology

The police sent a written apology to the family.

a written confession

A police interview may lead to a written confession.

a written constitution

A written consitution forms the fundamental law of the nation.

a written contract

All employees should have a written contract.

a written exam

There is a written exam at the end of the course.

a written inquiry

I submitted a written inquiry to the local council.

a written record

Where written records do survive, they are incomplete.

a written report

Mr Thomas asked me to send him a written report.

a written request

If you wish to take you child on holiday during the school term, you must make a formal written request.

a written statement

One neighbour said in a written statement that she often heard a baby ‘crying for help’.

a written test

Selection was based on written tests in English and mathematics.

a written/oral examination

For French, there is an oral and a written examination.

creative writing

I teach creative writing at Trinity College.

keep/write a diary (= write regularly in a diary )

While I was travelling, I kept a diary every day.

make/draw up/write a list

Could you make a list of any supplies we need?

official/written/formal notification

We received official notification that Harry was missing.

piece of music/writing/sculpture etc

some unusual pieces of sculpture

reading/writing etc material(s)

Videos often make good teaching material.

reading/writing skills

Their reading skills are poor.

sth is written all over sb’s face (= their feelings can be seen very clearly in their expression )

You’re jealous – it’s written all over your face!

talk/speak/write etc freely

In France he could write freely, without fear of arrest.

We went outside so that we could talk freely without being overheard.

write a book

He’s written several interesting travel books.

write a chapter

He wrote the first chapter 20 years before the book was published.

write a column

He writes a column on gardening for the Daily News.

write a letter

He wrote a letter inviting her to visit.

write a play

So far, he has written three plays.

write a poem

I’ve been writing short stories and poems for years.

write a prescription ( also write out a prescription )

I'll write you a prescription for some skin cream.

write a program

They learned how to write their own programs.

write a report

Her social worker has written a report on the case.

write a story

The story was written by Lewis Carroll.

write an account

He later wrote an account of his experiences during the war.

write an email

Jack spent the evening writing emails and surfing the Internet.

write off/cancel a debt (= say officially that it does not have to be paid )

The bank finally agreed to write off the debt.

write (out) a cheque

I had to write a cheque for £360 yesterday.

write poetry

I didn't know you wrote poetry.

write sth in code

All the information we received during the war was written in code.

write (sth) in your diary

‘Severe weather’, he wrote in his diary that day.

write the answer

Do we write the answers in the exercise book, Sir?

write up notes (= write down what your notes say, using full sentences and more detail )

It’s a good idea to write up your notes soon after a lecture.

write/compose a song

Do they write their own songs?

write/compose a tune

They wrote many great tunes together in the 80s.

write/compose music

He composed the music for the 'Lord of the Rings' films.

write/design/develop software

He designs software for an Atlanta-based company.

write/do an article

The Times have asked me if I will do an article on the election.

write/do an essay

I’ve got a 3,000 word essay to write before Friday.

write/draw up/prepare a draft (= write one )

Always write a rough draft of your essay first.

He drew up a draft of the club’s rules and regulations.

writing desk

writing paper

writing/note paper (= good quality paper for writing letters )

Can you fetch me a piece of writing paper and a pen?

writing/sketch/memo/legal etc pad

a box of paints and a sketch pad

Keep a telephone pad and a pen to hand.

written consent

If you are under 18, you need your parents’ written consent to get married.

written instructions

Each member of the team was issued with written instructions.

written permission

Doctors need written permission from the patient before they can operate.


Robert wrote a short piece on the earthquake.




The story you choose should reflect the theme you want to write about .

Red writes about feeling tired before the game, about feeling sick.

Since that, we'd been touring constantly and written about twenty-five songs.

Some students may write about the avoidance of a major depression, others about the decision to focus on high employment.

Parents and step-parents are increasingly writing about step-family life in an attempt both to warn parents and inform practitioners.

Is this the dual consciousness W E. B. DuBois wrote about ?

I have seen Shiraz and its roses and nightingales, which Gide wrote about but did not see.

I write about how I have to write about my life to give it some shape, some order.


Its prime target is an audience of decision makers whose names you can write down on a single sheet of paper.

More interesting are problems where the answers can be written down , and even checked for correctness, in polynomial time.

As they searched, they wrote down in a notebook details of all the things they found.

I bought myself a notebook in which to write down ideas, themes.

It was later written down in two books called the Mishnah and the Talmud.

Anyway, Peter also had me write down some descriptions of the other members of the management committee.

In normal speech, not all letters written down are sounded.

Starting with: what did the doctors write down and not write down; what tests did they do and not do?


As a result Ferranti had to write off £215million, reissue its annual report and negotiate financial support from its bankers.

Many entrepreneurs expect to write off all their expenses.

This increase did not account for almost £200 million written off through a change in accounting practices.

They could write off all investments in the year they are made rather than spreading them out over a period of years.

Back at the castle, Oyston had already written off the £100,000.

The saxophonist had written off the States much as the States had written off him.

The incidence of bad debt, he concluded, was socially unacceptable and financially disastrous. Write off or write back?

The company said it is taking the $ 20 million charge largely to write off the unit.


For your copy of the latest gift catalogue, please write to .

It is best to phone the company before you write to find out the name of the person you should write to.

To obtain a copy, write to or phone during working hours, Monday to Friday.

To apply, write to:.

If you have any problems or questions about your pet, write to .

It is very important that you visit and write to or phone your child as regularly as agreed.



Nick Dimbleby wrote an article on police Range Rovers.

Samuel wrote letters to both him and the reporter who wrote the article .

I was nervous but determined, and came home to write and rewrite the article a dozen times.

Was he ever sober enough to write the articles he had mentioned the day before?

To win time and independence Cooley wrote books rather than articles .

The author writes these articles as an architect in practice.

Newspapers local, regional and international write admiring articles .


Additionally, he wrote two substantial books .

What do you think would happen if you wrote a book detailing your snafus?

They have entered your mind and there they add to the charge with which you are writing your book .

Sometimes these parents chose books for their children based on levels written on the book covers.

You knew my husband very well; he wrote a book about waxworks and you helped him with his research.

Rense, who spent about two years writing the book , says she already has begun work on a second novel.

Make like you are prospective clients, looking to rent a secluded property to write a book or something.

Nessim also wrote a book on the issues of life after cancer.


Additionally, he wrote two substantial books .

He was the man who wrote the books that progressive police departments read to get the answers.

These are for the two people involved in writing the Project Video books .

Resnick has written two books recounting Simpsons alleged mistreatment of his wife, who believed that he eventually would kill her.

But this novel suggests that Rowling still wants to write big books and big cheques.

I will be invited to present some lectures and some people will write better books and give some better lectures.

A pledge not to write any more books would have done nicely.

Q: Do you have any help writing your books ?


He writes a daily showbiz column for them.

On the board she had written two columns of phrases.

Sufficient has been written in your columns about the latter match so I will not repeat the facts.

Herb Caen wrote a column like that.

Among other old boys: Johnny Giles writes a regular football column in the Daily Mail.

He writes a monthly column for Wired and was an original investor.

I'd been writing a monthly column for Options as long as I'd been writing at all.

Barry wrote a column about bad songs from the rock era and somehow managed to milk it into a book.


Their written language was the most advanced of the pre-Columbian scripts, and their astronomical knowledge beyond compare.

The proposal should be written in direct language .

Being written in different programming languages , there was no literal similarity between the programs.

In some cases, recent spelling reforms have helped to remedy the existing discrepancies between writing and language .

It is written in simple non-technical language .

A weekly publication that analyzes some 1, 700 different stocks, Value Line is written in plain language .

It will also use ObjectStore to recognise code, data and objects written in different programming languages .

Some children enter school after having participated in thousands of conversations about how written language tends to go.


Difficulties have arisen as to whether letters written to Ministers by M.P.s in the course of their duties are covered by absolute privilege.

If only you could have seen the letter I wrote you about an hour ago!

As a minimum, each issue of the publication would require another letter written for the occasion as information is requested again.

The kind of letter writing in question here has nothing at all to do with word processing.

It was a letter many students were writing , in outrage.

Most of these letters , written by a friend or neighbor of the person seeking help, were only semiliterate themselves.


Stock, Aitken and Waterman will write the music for the spectacular, which will get under way early in the new decade.

He has taught himself to paint, to write music , play the flute, to write.

For many young people now are confidently writing real music , using the idioms that come most naturally to them.

Haydn wrote symphonies, chamber music , keyboard pieces, operas.

I write my music on four staves, with indications of course.

But he also is in a community symphony, plays in the school marching band, and writes music .

Although he wrote chamber and orchestral music , songs were his true vocation.


You see, when you win the National, you write your name into history.

People must write her name on the ballot to vote for her.

Because I was afraid, and tired, and ill, I wrote my name on the letter: Mary.

She tore two pages from her ledger and wrote his name on one and hers on the other.

He wrote in the name Hadley on the card.

He was able to write his name , but in all other respects he behaved like an infant.

You should write your name and address on the back of these photographs.

Children who had never heard a bedtime story and could not write their own names were crammed into classrooms by the dozens.


Before they headed onwards, Boswell wrote a note at their unappetising inn.

But Summerlee was not to be found, and further time was consumed in writing a note for him.

Ruth finished her coffee and rinsed her cup out before writing a note for Steve.

Alvin wrote in a note to himself not long after the premiere of Revelations.

She could have refused to write that note to her parents or walk obediently to the car and climb into the boot.

During a time of meditation in that retreat, he wrote a note which survived.

Then write another note with your name.


Nigel Tranter writes his novels on small cards while out walking.

Although she has written two novels , the autobiography is her first published work.

In total he has written five novels , all of which have won literary acclaim and awards.

The News is now edited by Pete Hamill, who also writes novels .

In the 1920s and 1930s Nina Boyle wrote a number of novels .

My experience was limited largely to news and news feature writing until recently, when I ventured to write a novel .

And he never wrote a novel .

He became a doctor, and he treated poor people in the daytime, and he wrote grotesque novels all night.


He was lightly wounded at Detroit and wrote papers on ethnography, as well as collecting specimens wherever his career sent him.

Passengers were offered a map of the route, postcards of places along the way, and writing paper .

All investigators contributed to the writing of the paper .

She wrote a one-page paper on preventative medicine, another on how stuffed animals were made.

At first he had no press but, undaunted, wrote the paper by hand!

In 1967, Lovelock wrote two papers predicting that Mars would be lifeless based on his interpretation of its atmosphere.

Tosh said he didn't like some things that had been written about her in papers .

Jack put the frustrations of the previous year from his mind and took a sheet of writing paper from his pocket.


Coffin was still pondering on the significance of what he had seen written on the piece of paper from Place's jacket.

He takes his time, writing a bittersweet piece that encourages the ex-soldier to stop blaming himself for what happened.

The marketing department writes the really important pieces .

Anne had once written a piece about prison conditions.

I have no evidence, but I think Grandmother must have been set up to be asked to write that piece .

You said you were going to write a piece on opinion polls and then you wrote a story slandering the Prime Minister.

I never got involved in this writing or in other pieces like it.


I've written some much better poems and they threw them back.

One of my family, Arkady, wrote a poem about it.

She started to write poems to express her feelings.

But most enthralling was her attraction to two people for whom she wrote her most ardent poems .

The ones proving I wrote his poems for him?

The sight of the flag inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that later became our national anthem.

I stopped writing my own poems .

I studied painting, composed music, did some woodworking, wrote poems ....


Your syllabus may include slots for the development of certain skills such as listening to lectures or writing reports .

In the classroom the groups are at work writing a summary report on the area.

They will be talking to local people, organisations and authorities and writing a report on the route's suitability for upgrading.

Rice thanked Drake and asked him to prepare a written report with recommendations.

Be careful when writing: reports are for others, as an aide-memoire is for ourselves.

Make an abacus and write a report about its usefulness in terms of place value and computation.

You write reports on what the scope of the project should be and the various ways to tackle the project.

Co. wrote in a report to clients today.


I wrote all the songs and they were awful but that's the way you mature.

I had written four or five songs on tour.

Composer members often only one or two members of the band write songs .

They began writing songs that afternoon.

I only write songs about drugs!

He wrote most of the songs on the album, once waking up at 6 a. m. with inspiration for lyrics.

If a band don't write their own songs , the manager has to find the right songwriters.

From that start Leiber and Stoller went on from 1951 to 1956 to write songs rarely heard by whites.


But they should be aimed at if you are writing in short story form the equivalent of the crime novel.

I try once more to write a story , but can not find the first sentence.

I would write a story on my new Smith-Corona.

But Hawthorne wrote great stories , you see, and we still read them now, more than a hundred years later.

Before I die, I want to write the true story of my life for you.

I wish I could say that I wrote steadily at the story of my life after that sudden burst of inspiration.


She was an idiot, coming apart at the seams, and she hadn't written a word .

Suddenly, in writing the words out, I see what she is trying to get us to see.

They haven't written an original word , or vowel, ha ha ha!

Even readers whose knowledge of the written word comes from cereal boxes are familiar with metaphors using battlefields and quicksand.

Today was Saturday and she had not written a word since Thursday morning.

With this approach, very young children do not write words , but are only drilled on alphabet letters and blends.

The Bad ` Un's strategy is to prevent the written word from becoming food for hungry souls.

Without the help of the written word , film and videotape can not portray temporal dimensions with any precision.



Until he begins to write cheques, i.e. to spend, nothing has happened to the balance sheet.

They began when I started writing seriously in my late twenties.

It was time now to begin to write letters.

Demonstration 1. Begin by writing the term vibration on the board.

He closed his eyes and began writing in his head.

Sabi first began writing to his daughter Deena, who was born the summer before his arrest.

When well on in his 90s, he began writing his memoirs.

Perhaps I need some time to settle in before I can begin to write .


This afternoon I read what I wrote about G.P. the day before yesterday.

However, he has difficulty in reading and written expression.

Should read or write errors occur, this database can be rebuilt from the image copy in conjunction with one of the log files.

Whok Ianguage means that students learn to read and write by reading and writing, not performing endless drill exercises.

Then it read through 14,000 written comments.

Primo reads aloud the words written underneath.

A model prisoner, he learned to read and write , even publishing a small book of poetry.

We learned the skills but not the strategies of reading and writing .


be written/set/cast in tablets of stone

in writing

I don't have anything in writing , but they said they expected me to start work Monday.

Please confirm in writing the date you intend to leave.

You should have asked them to put what they agreed in writing .

not worth the paper it is written on/printed on

sth is written in the stars

the writing is on the wall

The writing is on the wall for old manufacturing industries.

Although two points clear of the pack, the writing is on the wall for Aberdeen unless some one starts banging goals away.

the written word

Millions of illiterate Americans do not have access to the written word.

But literacy and the written word do have a part to play.

Even readers whose knowledge of the written word comes from cereal boxes are familiar with metaphors using battlefields and quicksand.

In fact, the 1959 Act has worked to secure a very large measure of freedom in Britain for the written word.

Not only visual representation, but the written word, too, is not free of imperialism.

The direct experience of oral communication was displaced by the second-hand experience of the written word.

They record thoughts which apparently, at some moment in time, seemed worthy of the written word.

Without the help of the written word, film and videotape can not portray temporal dimensions with any precision.

WordPerfect word processing software handles both the written word and graphic interpretation with ease.

written test/exam

After passing the written test, Solomon began his driving lessons.

Applicants may take a written exam, undergo a preliminary interview, or submit records of their education and experience for evaluation.

Knowing how to use your head is not a subject you can study for a written exam.

Pudwill said only five passed among the 60 in his group that took the written test.

Students had to pass oral and written exams before moving up.

The written test success rates are given in the table below.

The results are from written tests unless otherwise stated.

Thus, although these pupils generally have difficulty with reading, this does not mean that written tests should be ruled out.


A lot of listeners wrote in and complained about the programme.

an opera written by Verdi

Anna enjoys writing, and she's quite good at it.

At the bottom he wrote: "with sincere love from your oldest friend".

By third grade they can all read and write pretty well.

Do you want me to write that down for you?

Hang on, let me just get something to write on.

He wrote several scholarly articles on ancient Chinese texts.

He wrote to his father, asking for more money.

Helga wrote her comments neatly in pencil.

I wrote down all the things we have to do today.

I wrote the next song for my wife.

I can't come out tonight. I have an essay to write .

I don't have any cash - could I write you a check?

I just wrote him saying how much I missed him being around.

I learned to write when I was in first grade.

I sit at the piano when I write .

I try to write a cheerful letter to her at least once a week.

I wasn't happy, so I wrote a nasty letter asking for my money back.

It's a fascinating article, and very well written.


Writing, now, in the university, writing to try out new ideas, writing to redefine himself.

A: Well, in the early years I was writing advertising, medical advertising.

For works written at a time when Beethoven was still in his middle period, the lyricism in the works is extraordinary.

I've got to write a story on this.

McNulty wrote a song for Tom and Darlow wrote one for Grace.

Scene: On the airplane home, you wrote a short report discussing the conference you just attended.

Sportswriters are not allowed to write about death.

Today, everything is wonderful, Bjaaland wrote in his diary.

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