Meaning of WRITE in English

I. ˈrīt, usu -īd.+V verb

( wrote ˈrōt, usu -ōd.+V ; also dialect writ ˈrit, usu -id.+V ; or South writ·ten ˈrit ə n ; written also writ or dialect wrote ; writing ; writes )

Etymology: Middle English writen, from Old English wrītan to scratch, draw, engrave, write; akin to Old Saxon wrītan to tear, wound, scratch, write, Old High German rīzan to tear, Old Norse rīta to write on parchment, Gothic writs stroke, letter, Greek rhinē file, rasp, Sanskrit vraṇa wound, tear, vṛhati he tears, plucks; basic meaning: incision, tearing

transitive verb



(1) : to draw or form by or as if by scoring or incising a surface

creases … written by laughter — Monica Pearson

(2) : to trace (a symbol or a meaningful combination of symbols) by carving or scoring : inscribe

a psalter written on wax — Eleanor Hull

the engraver wrote the inscription composed for the trophy


(1) : to form or trace (a character or series of characters) on paper or other suitable material with a pen or pencil

write 7 instead of 9

(2) : to form or record (a meaningful sign) by a series of written characters

wrote 1000 words this afternoon — Arnold Bennett

(3) : to spell in writing

words written alike but pronounced differently

c. : to write significant or legible characters upon : cover, fill, or fill in by writing

write a check

write ten pages a day

write a postcard

d. : to form or produce (a legible character) in, upon, or by means of a suitable medium

his name written in lights on the marquee

an advertisement written by skywriting

wrote the letter A on the frosted windowpane

e. : to produce (symbols or words) by machine

by hitting combinations of keys, a child can write the letters he wants — Lois Henderson

f. : dictate 1

wrote the speech twice; the first time he forgot to put a disc in his dictation machine — Leonard Lyons

2. : to put down especially on paper in order to record, relate, or explain : set down in writing

whose life has lately been written — Norman Douglas

may have written these notes about that date — R.S.Whipple

when a man writes his wrongs — W.L.Sullivan


a. : to draw up : draft

get a lawyer to write your will

write a more liberal program which might run into a presidential veto — John Bird


(1) : to compose in a literary form : be the author of : construct according to literary precepts

more concerned to write an adventure story than to compile a careful geographical work — Geographical Journal

this middle eighteenth century wrote little literature — V.L.Parrington

all the poetry that has ever been written — T.S.Eliot

write the libretto for an opera

wrote a suitable epitaph — J.G.Colton

(2) : to compose in musical form : be the composer of

a commission to write an opera — H.T. & D.A.Schnittkind

write a string quartet

also : to produce musical notation for

the guitar is sounded an octave lower than written

c. : to set forth in written language : express in literary form : reveal, describe, treat of, or depict by means of words

the great poet, in writing himself, writes his time — T.S.Eliot

could not write a claim — John McNulty

if I could write the beauty of your eyes — Shakespeare


(1) : to communicate a message by

judged that at least one of every fifty residents … had written me a letter — Jane Woodfin

(2) : to make known in writing

wrote that he was leaving

e. : to use or exhibit (a specific script, language, or literary form or style) in writing

blind people who write Braille — Lois Henderson

writes French with ease

writes a free and easy vernacular

write poetry

especially : to make use of (an easy flowing script)

taught to write cursive rather than to print

f. : to write contracts or orders for

dealers began to get traffic and write business — William McNeill

write options on securities

especially : underwrite

write life insurance

3. : to make a permanent impression of : mark indelibly

a law of right conduct, written in our hearts — Herbert Agar

history, adventure, and romance are written in the doorways and roof lines — American Guide Series: Delaware

4. : to communicate with in writing : write a message to

he wrote them upon his arrival

5. : to style, call, sign, or exhibit in writing : set down : record to be something

his desire to write himself M.A. on the title page — J.H.Sledd & G.J.Kolb

6. : to make necessary : ordain , fate

so be it, it is written — D.C.Peattie

7. : to cause to appear evident or obvious : impress the stamp of

the happiness and peace written on the faces of these people — G.P.Musselman

his crafty caution written all over him — H.J.Laski

8. : to bring, force, effect, or cause the introduction or removal of by writing

major achievements of the United States labor movements are written into collective bargaining contracts — V.G.Reuther

has written the forlorn little working girl … into American fiction — Harry Hansen

his love was written into his affectionate letters — Ruth P. Randall

write oneself into fame and fortune — Charles Lee

9. : to take part in or bring about (something worthy of recording)

medical research in America today is writing one of the most heartwarming chapters in the story of mankind — advt.

the Colorado river has been writing a record of history in the earth's crust — Hot-Metal Magic

10. : read 1i

intransitive verb


a. : to make significant characters or inscriptions by or as if by incising, scratching, engraving, or especially penning

wrote on stone tablets

also : to permit or be adapted to writing

this pen writes well

b. : to form or produce letters, words, or sentences with a pen, pencil, or machine

on the typewriter, having taught herself to write by position and touch — S.H.Adams

2. : to compose, communicate by, or send a letter

wrote home in glowing terms of the land of their adoption — Lutheran Quarterly

had written to some missionary society — W.B.Yeats


a. : to produce or be engaged in producing a poem, book, play, story, or article : give literary or journalistic form to a conception, plot, or happening

writing on a second novel — J.K.Hutchens

wrote to a simple and direct theme — human endurance — Leslie Rees

writing despairingly of her husband's being drafted — Margaret Redfield

b. : to compose music

write in the sonata form

write for four voices

c. : to become regularly employed or occupied in writing: as

(1) : to become engaged in journalism : do editorial work or reporting

writes for the press

(2) : to follow the profession of author or composer

- write home about

- write one's own ticket

- writ large

- writ small

II. noun

( -s )

: sharp clear typewritten lettering or impression

clearness of write

III. transitive verb

: sell 2a(1)

write a stock option

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