Meaning of ARCHITECTURE in English

n. 25B6; noun

modern architecture : BUILDING DESIGN, building style, planning, building, construction; formal architectonics. See lists.

the architecture of a computer system : STRUCTURE, construction, organization, layout, design, build, anatomy, make-up; informal set-up.

Architectural Terms

See also church , tower , vault , window . inglenook

abacus intercolumniation

amphiprostyle intrados

ancon jerkin head

annulet keystone

architrave king post

archivolt lacunar

astragal lancet arch

astylar lantern

atlas linenfold

baguette lintel

bas-relief loggia

beading long-and-short work

boss lunette

buttress machicolation

campanile mansard

capital manteltree

capstone mezzanine

cartouche moulding

caryatid mullion

cavetto obelisk

clerestory octastyle

colonnade octofoil

column ogee

conch ogive

coping onion dome

corbel pediment

cornice pent roof

cove peripteral

coving peristyle

cresting perron

crocket pilaster

crow steps pillar

cruck plinth

cupola polychromy

cusp porch

dado portico

decastyle prostyle

dentil queen post

dipteral quoin

dog-tooth respond

dome reticulated

dosseret rope-moulding

dripstone rustication

echinus saddleback

embrasure scotia

encrustation scroll

entablature scuncheon

entablement sedilia

entasis severy

entresol socle

epistyle soffit

extrados spandrel

facade springer

fascia squinch

fenestration stringboard

fillet string course

finial stucco

flaunching stylobate

flute talon

flying buttress tambour

frieze telamon

frontispiece tetrastyle

gable tie beam

gambrel tracery

gargoyle transom

half-timbered trefoil

hammer beam truss

haunch tympanum

hexastyle vault

hipped roof vaulting

hood mould vignette

hypaethral volute

hypostyle voussoir


Architectural Styles

Art Deco Jacobean

Art Nouveau mannerist

baroque Manueline

Bauhaus medieval

beaux-arts modernist

brutalist Moorish

Byzantine Moresque

Cape Dutch Mozarabic

Carolingian Mudejar

Churrigueresque neoclassical

cinquecento neo-Gothic

classical Norman

collegiate Gothic Palladian

colonial Perpendicular

composite postmodernist

Corinthian quattrocento

Decorated Queen Anne

Doric rayonnant

Early English Regency

Edwardian Renaissance

Elizabethan rococo

Empire Roman

Federation Romanesque

flamboyant Saxon

functional Spanish-Colonial

Georgian Spanish-Mission

Gothic transitional

Gothic Revival Tudor

Graeco-Roman Tudorbethan

Grecian Tuscan

Greek Revival Usonian

international vernacular

Ionic Victorian Gothic


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