Meaning of COLOUR in English


n. 25B6; noun

the lights changed colour : HUE, shade, tint, tone, coloration. See list.

oil colour : PAINT, pigment, colourant, dye, stain, tint, wash.

the colour in her cheeks : REDNESS, pinkness, rosiness, ruddiness, blush, flush, bloom.

people of every colour : SKIN COLOURING, skin tone, colouring; race, ethnic group.

anecdotes add colour to the text : VIVIDNESS, life, liveliness, vitality, excitement, interest, richness, zest, spice, piquancy, impact, force; informal oomph, pizzazz, punch, kick; poetic/literary salt.

the colours of the Oxford City club : STRIP, kit, uniform, costume, livery, regalia.

the regimental colours. : See flag 1 noun .


25B6; verb

the wood was coloured blue : TINT, dye, stain, paint, pigment, wash.

she coloured up : BLUSH, redden, go pink, go red, flush.

the experience coloured her outlook : INFLUENCE, affect, taint, warp, skew, distort, bias, prejudice.

they colour evidence to make a story saleable : EXAGGERATE, overstate, embroider, embellish, dramatize, enhance, varnish; falsify, misreport, manipulate.


See also dye , horse , rainbow . lily white

almond lime green

almond green Lincoln green

amaranth liver

amber lovat green

amethyst magenta

apple green magnolia

apricot mahogany

aqua maroon

aquamarine mauve

ash blonde mazarine blue

aubergine midnight blue

auburn mocha

avocado mouse

azure mulberry

baby blue mushroom

baby pink mustard

bay nankeen

beige navy blue

biscuit Nile blue

bisque Nile green

bistre nut-brown

black nutmeg

blonde oatmeal

blue ochre

bottle green off-white

brindle/brindled old gold

bronze old rose

brown olive

buff opal

burgundy orange

burnt ochre oxblood

burnt sienna Oxford blue

burnt umber oyster pink

buttermilk oyster white

butternut palomino

cadmium yellow pansy

café au lait paprika

Cambridge blue parchment

camel peach

canary yellow peach-bloom

candy-apple red peacock blue

caramel pea green

cardinal red pearl

carmine periwinkle

carnation perse

carnelian petrol blue

carrot pewter

celadon pine green

cerise pink

cerulean pistachio

champagne platinum

charcoal plum

chartreuse poppy

cherry powder blue

chestnut primrose

chocolate puce

cinnabar purple

cinnamon putty

citron raspberry

clair-de-lune raven

claret red

cobalt blue robin's-egg blue

cocoa rose

coffee royal blue

Copenhagen blue royal purple

copper ruby

coral russet

cornflower blue rust

cream sable

crimson saffron

cyan salmon

cyclamen sand

daffodil sanguine

damask sapphire

damson saxe blue

dove scarlet

drab sea green

duck-egg blue seal brown

dun sepia

eau de Nil shell pink

ebony sienna

ecru silver

eggshell sky blue

electric blue slate

emerald snow-white

fallow sorrel

fawn spice

flame steel blue

flesh steel grey

fuchsia stone

gamboge straw

gentian strawberry

ginger strawberry blonde

gold tan

green tangerine

grenadine tawny

grey teak

gunmetal teal

hazel tea rose

heather terracotta

heliotrope Titian

henna topaz

honey tortoiseshell

ice blue Turkey red

incarnadine turquoise

indigo Tyrian purple

iris ultramarine

iron grey umber

ivory Venetian red

jade verditer

jasmine vermilion

jet violet

khaki viridian

kingfisher blue walnut

lapis lazuli Wedgwood blue

lavender white

leaf green wine

lemon yellow


Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.