Meaning of DISCOMFORT in English


n. 25B6; noun

abdominal discomfort : PAIN, aches and pains, soreness, tenderness, irritation, stiffness; ache, twinge, pang, throb, cramp; Brit. informal gyp.

the discomforts of life at sea : INCONVENIENCE, difficulty, bother, nuisance, vexation, drawback, disadvantage, trouble, problem, trial, tribulation, hardship; informal hassle.

Ruth flushed and Thomas noticed her discomfort : EMBARRASSMENT, discomfiture, unease, uneasiness, awkwardness, discomposure, confusion, nervousness, flusteredness, perturbation, distress, anxiety; chagrin, mortification, shame, humiliation.

25B6; verb his purpose was to discomfort the Prime Minister. : See discomfit .

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