Meaning of DISCOMFORT in English


I. də̇s+ transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English discomforten, from Middle French desconforter, from Old French, from des- dis- (I) + conforter to comfort — more at comfort

1. archaic : discourage , deject , grieve , dismay

his funerals shall not be in our camp, lest it discomfort us — Shakespeare

2. : to cause bodily or mental discomfort to : make uncomfortable or uneasy

the tart rejoinder did not discomfort him

II. noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French desconfort, from Old French, from desconforter

1. archaic

a. : distress

b. : something that causes sorrow or distress : grief , trouble , misfortune

'tis no discomfort in the world to fall — Robert Herrick †1674

2. : lack of comfort : uncomfortable condition : mental or physical uneasiness less intense and less localized than pain : embarrassment , annoyance

the discomfort of a bad cold

reducing to an acceptable range the discomforts incident to business cycles — Clark Warburton

he gave every sign of intense discomfort

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