Meaning of FULL in English

n. 25B6; adjective

her glass was full : FILLED, filled up, filled to capacity, filled to the brim, brimming, brimful.

streets full of people : CROWDED, packed, crammed, congested; teeming, swarming, thick, thronged, overcrowded, overrun; abounding, bursting, overflowing; informal jam-packed, wall-to-wall, stuffed, chock-a-block, chock-full, bursting at the seams, packed to the gunwales, awash.

all the seats were full : OCCUPIED, taken, in use, unavailable.

I'm full : REPLETE, full up, satisfied, well fed, sated, satiated, surfeited; gorged, glutted; informal stuffed.

she'd had a full life : EVENTFUL, interesting, exciting, lively, action-packed, busy, energetic, active.

a full list of available facilities : COMPREHENSIVE, thorough, exhaustive, all-inclusive, all-encompassing, all-embracing, in depth; complete, entire, whole, unabridged, uncut.

a fire engine driven at full speed : MAXIMUM, top, greatest, highest.

she had a full figure : PLUMP, well rounded, rounded, buxom, shapely, ample, curvaceous, voluptuous, womanly, Junoesque; informal busty, curvy, well upholstered, well endowed; N. Amer. informal zaftig.

a full skirt : LOOSE-FITTING, loose, baggy, voluminous, roomy, capacious, billowing.

his full baritone voice : RESONANT, rich, sonorous, deep, vibrant, full-bodied, strong, fruity, clear.

the full flavour of a Bordeaux : RICH, intense, full-bodied, strong, deep.

empty, hungry, selective, thin.

25B6; adverb

she looked full into his face : DIRECTLY, right, straight, squarely, square, dead, point-blank; informal bang, slap (bang), plumb.

you knew full well I was leaving : VERY, perfectly, quite; informal darn, damn, damned; Brit. informal jolly, bloody; N. Amer. informal darned.

25A0; in full IN ITS ENTIRETY, in toto, in total, unabridged, uncut.

25A0; to the full FULLY, thoroughly, completely, to the utmost, to the limit, to the maximum, for all one's worth.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.