Meaning of HAND in English


n. 25B6; noun

big, strong hands : palm, fist; informal paw, mitt, duke, hook, meat hook; Zoology manus.

the clock's second hand : POINTER, indicator, needle, arrow, marker.

the frontier posts remained in government hands : CONTROL, power, charge, authority; command, responsibility, guardianship, management, care, supervision, jurisdiction; possession, keeping, custody; clutches, grasp, thrall; disposal; informal say-so.

let me give you a hand : HELP, a helping hand, assistance, aid, support, succour, relief; a good turn, a favour.

(informal) his fans gave him a big hand : ROUND OF APPLAUSE, clap, handclap, ovation, standing ovation; applause, handclapping.

a document written in his own hand : HANDWRITING, writing, script, calligraphy.

a factory hand : WORKER, factory worker, manual worker, unskilled worker, blue-collar worker, workman, labourer, operative, hired hand, roustabout; N. Amer. peon; Austral./NZ rouseabout.


25B6; verb

he handed each man a glass : PASS, give, reach, let someone have, throw, toss; present to; informal chuck, bung.

he handed him into a carriage : ASSIST, help, give someone a hand; guide.

25A0; at hand

keep the manual close at hand : READILY AVAILABLE, available, handy, to hand, within reach, accessible, close (by), near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient; informal get-at-able.

the time for starting the campaign is at hand : IMMINENT, approaching, coming, about to happen, on the horizon; impending.

25A0; hand something down PASS ON, pass down; bequeath, will, leave, make over, give, gift, transfer; Law demise, devise.

25A0; hand in glove IN CLOSE COLLABORATION, in close association, in close cooperation, very closely, in partnership, in league, in collusion; informal in cahoots.

25A0; hand something on GIVE, pass, hand, transfer, grant, cede, surrender, relinquish, yield; part with, let go of; bequeath, will, leave.

25A0; hand something out DISTRIBUTE, hand round, give out/round, pass out/round, share out, dole out, dish out, deal out, mete out, issue, dispense; allocate, allot, apportion, disburse; circulate, disseminate.

25A0; hand something over YIELD, give, give up, pass, grant, entrust, surrender, relinquish, cede, turn over, deliver up, forfeit, sacrifice.

25A0; hands down EASILY, effortlessly, with ease, with no trouble, without effort; informal by a mile, no sweat.

25A0; to hand READILY AVAILABLE, available, handy, at hand, within reach, accessible, ready, close (by), near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient; informal get-at-able.

25A0; try one's hand MAKE AN ATTEMPT; attempt, try, try out, give something a try; informal have a go, have a stab, have a shot, have a bash, give something a whirl; formal essay.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.