Meaning of HAND in English


n. 1 Slang mitt, paw, US lunch-hook Keep your hands off me, you oaf! 2 help, aid, assistance, helping hand, relief, boost; leg up Please give me a hand with this trunk 3 influence, agency, participation, involvement, part, share Did you have a hand in my getting the appointment? 4 (manual) labourer, worker, workman, man, help, employee It's getting harder to find hands for the farm 5 pointer, indicator, index The minute hand covers the hour hand at noon and midnight 6 (round of) applause, ovation, clap Give the lad a hand for trying 7 handwriting, penmanship, script; calligraphy The writing was in a hand that she could not recognize 8 Often, hands. control, hold, grasp, possession, custody, clutches, keeping, power, disposal, jurisdiction, authority, supervision, management, guardianship, care At last, the government is in the hands of the people 9 at hand. nearby, close, near, close by, handy, (readily) available, to or on hand, at one's fingertips, convenient, within (arm's) reach, accessible, present; approaching, imminent, around the corner He always kept a pistol at hand The Day of Judgement is at hand. 10 hand in glove. hand in hand, in league, together, in collusion, collusively, connivingly, conspiringly, intimately, closely, jointly, Colloq in cahoots An informer is working hand in glove with the police 11 hand in hand. together, side by side, hand in glove They walked hand in hand down the road 12 hand-over-fist. quickly, speedily, rapidly, swiftly, steadily, like mad He makes money hand-over-fist in the stock market 13 hands down. easily, readily, effortlessly He can win the marathon hands down

v. 14 give, pass, deliver, present to or with Please hand me the hammer 15 hand down or on or over. a bequeath, will, pass on; transfer, turn over The farm has been handed down from father to son for seven generations b See 18 (a), below. 16 hand in. submit, give in, tender, proffer, offer I handed in my resignation 17 hand out. distribute, disseminate, pass out or round or around, give out, deal (out), mete or dole out, dispense; disburse She was handing out leaflets to passers-by 18 hand over. a deliver, submit, yield, give up, surrender, turn over; transfer The man produced a gun and told the cashier to hand over the money b See 15 (a), above.

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