Meaning of KEEP in English


n. 25B6; verb

you should keep all the old forms : RETAIN (POSSESSION OF), hold on to, keep hold of, not part with; save, store, put by/aside, set aside; N. Amer. set by; informal hang on to, stash away.

I tried to keep calm : REMAIN, continue to be, stay, carry on being, persist in being.

he keeps going on about the murder : PERSIST IN, keep on, carry on, continue, do something constantly.

I shan't keep you long : DETAIN, keep waiting, delay, hold up, retard, slow down.

most people kept the rules 007C; he had to keep his promise : COMPLY WITH, obey, observe, conform to, abide by, adhere to, stick to, heed, follow; fulfil, carry out, act on, make good, honour, keep to, stand by.

keeping the old traditions : PRESERVE, keep alive/up, keep going, carry on, perpetuate, maintain, uphold, sustain.

the stand where her umbrella was kept : STORE, house, stow, put (away), place, deposit.

the shop keeps a good stock of parchment : (HAVE IN) STOCK, carry, have (for sale), hold.

he stole to keep his family : PROVIDE (FOOD) FOR, support, feed, keep alive, maintain, sustain; take care of, look after.

she keeps rabbits : BREED, rear, raise, farm; own, have as a pet.

his parents kept a shop : MANAGE, run, own, be the proprietor of.

God keep you : LOOK AFTER, care for, take care of, mind, watch over; protect, keep safe, preserve, defend, guard.

today people do not keep the Sabbath : OBSERVE, respect, honour, hold sacred; celebrate, mark, commemorate.

throw away, break, abandon.

25B6; noun money to pay for his keep : MAINTENANCE, upkeep, sustenance, board (and lodging), food, livelihood.

25A0; for keeps (informal) FOREVER, for ever and ever, for evermore, for always, for good (and all), permanently, in perpetuity; informal until kingdom come, until doomsday; archaic for aye.

25A0; keep at PERSEVERE WITH, persist with, keep going with, carry on with, press on with, work away at, continue with; informal stick at, peg away at, plug away at, hammer away at.

25A0; keep something back

she kept back some of the money : (KEEP IN) RESERVE, put by/aside, set aside; retain, hold back, keep, hold on to, not part with; N. Amer. set by; informal stash away.

she kept back the details : CONCEAL, keep secret, keep hidden, withhold, suppress, keep quiet about.

she could hardly keep back her tears : SUPPRESS, stifle, choke back, fight back, hold back/in, repress, keep in check, contain, smother, swallow, bite back.

25A0; keep from REFRAIN FROM, stop oneself, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, forbear from, avoid.

25A0; keep someone from something

he could hardly keep himself from laughing : PREVENT, stop, restrain, hold back.

keep them from harm : PRESERVE, protect, keep safe, guard, shield, shelter, safeguard, defend.

25A0; keep something from someone KEEP SECRET, keep hidden, hide, conceal, withhold; informal keep dark.

25A0; keep off

keep off private land : STAY OFF, not enter, keep/stay away from, not trespass on.

Maud tried to keep off political subjects : AVOID, steer clear of, stay away from, evade, sidestep; informal duck.

you should keep off alcohol : ABSTAIN FROM, do without, refrain from, give up, forgo, not touch; informal swear off; formal forswear.

I hope the rain keeps off : STAY AWAY, hold off, not start, not begin.

25A0; keep on

they kept on working : CONTINUE, go on, carry on, persist in, persevere in; soldier on, struggle on, keep going.

the commander kept on about vigilance : TALK CONSTANTLY, talk endlessly, keep talking, go on (and on), rant on; informal harp on, witter on, rabbit on.

25A0; keep someone on CONTINUE TO EMPLOY, retain in one's service, not dismiss, not sack.

25A0; keep on at NAG, go on at, harp on at, badger, chivvy, harass, hound, pester; informal hassle.

25A0; keep to

I've got to keep to the rules : OBEY, abide by, observe, follow, comply with, adhere to, respect, keep, stick to, be bound by.

keep to the path : FOLLOW, stick to, stay on.

please keep to the point : STICK TO, restrict oneself to, confine oneself to.

25A0; keep someone under KEEP IN SUBJECTION, hold down, keep down, subdue, suppress, repress, oppress; informal squash, trample on.

25A0; keep something up CONTINUE (WITH), keep on with, keep going, carry on with, persist with, persevere with.

25A0; keep up with

she walked fast to keep up with him : KEEP PACE WITH, keep abreast of; match, equal.

he kept up with events at home : KEEP INFORMED ABOUT, keep up to date with, keep abreast of; informal keep tabs on.

they kept up with him by Christmas cards : REMAIN IN CONTACT WITH, stay in touch with, maintain contact with, keep up one's friendship with.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.