Meaning of RESERVE in English

n. 25B6; verb

ask your newsagent to reserve you a copy : PUT TO ONE SIDE, put aside, set aside, keep (back), save, hold back, keep in reserve, earmark.

he reserved a table : BOOK, make a reservation for, order, arrange for, secure; formal bespeak; dated engage.

the management reserves the right to alter the programme : RETAIN, keep, hold.

reserve your judgement until you know him better : DEFER, postpone, put off, delay, withhold.

25B6; noun

reserves of petrol : STOCK, store, supply, stockpile, pool, hoard, cache.

the army are calling up reserves : REINFORCEMENTS, extras, auxiliaries.

a nature reserve : NATIONAL PARK, sanctuary, preserve, conservation area.

his natural reserve : RETICENCE, detachment, distance, remoteness, coolness, aloofness, constraint, formality; shyness, diffidence, timidity, taciturnity, inhibition; informal stand-offishness.

she trusted him without reserve : RESERVATION, qualification, condition, limitation, hesitation, doubt.

25B6; adjective a reserve goalkeeper : SUBSTITUTE, stand-in, relief, replacement, fallback, spare, extra.

25A0; in reserve AVAILABLE, to/on hand, ready, in readiness, set aside, at one's disposal.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.