Meaning of CHANGE in English


■ verb

1》 make or become different.

↘(of the moon) arrive at a fresh phase; become new.

2》 take or use another instead of: she decided to ~ her name.

↘move from one to (another).

↘( ~ over ) move from one system or situation to another.

↘remove (something dirty or faulty) and replace it with another of the same kind.

↘engage (a different gear) in a motor vehicle.

↘( ~ down or up ) Brit. engage a lower (or higher) gear in a vehicle or on a bicycle.

3》 put different clothes on.

4》 ex~ (a sum of money) for the same sum in a different currency or denomination.

■ noun

1》 the action of changing.

↘an instance of becoming different.

↘( the ~ or the ~ of life ) informal the menopause.

2》 a clean garment or garments as a replacement for something one is wearing.

3》 coins as opposed to banknotes.

↘money given in ex~ for the same sum in larger units.

↘money returned to someone as the balance of the sum paid.

4》 an order in which a peal of bells can be rung.


~ colour blanch or flush.

~ hands (of a business or building) pass to a different owner.

↘(of money or a marketable commodity) pass to another person in the course of a business transaction.

a ~ of air a different climate, typically as a means of improving one's health.

~ step alter one's step so that the opposite leg is the one that marks time when marching.

~ one's tune express a very different opinion or behave in a very different way.

for a ~ contrary to how things usually happen or in order to introduce variety.

get no ~ out of Brit. informal fail to get information or a desired reaction from.

ring the ~s vary the ways of doing something. [with allusion to the different orders in which a peal of bells may be rung.]


~ful adjective

~less adjective

~lessly adverb

~lessness noun

~r noun


ME: from OFr. ~ (n.), ~r (v.), from late L. cambiare , from L. cambire 'barter'.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.