Meaning of COUPLE in English


■ noun

1》 two individuals of the same sort considered together.

2》 [treated as sing. or plural ] two people who are married or otherwise closely associated romantically or sexually.

3》 informal an indefinite small number: a ~ of days ago.

4》 Mechanics a pair of equal and parallel forces acting in opposite directions, and tending to cause rotation about an axis perpendicular to the plane containing them.

■ verb

1》 join to form a pair.

↘(often be ~d to/with ) combine.

↘connect (a railway vehicle or a piece of equipment) to another.

2》 have sexual intercourse.


~dom noun


ME: from OFr. cople (n.), copler (v.), from L. copula (n.), copulare (v.), from co- 'together' + apere 'fasten'; cf. copula and copulate .

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