Meaning of COUPLE in English


I. noun


a married couple

Most of their friends are married couples.

childless couple/woman/marriage

It was a happy but childless marriage.

the happy couple (= a couple that have just got married or will soon get married )




The threshold for childless couples under pensionable age was 57 percent above income support levels.

Like many childless couples , Bobbie and Philip Bernisch wanted a baby.

When the embryo was found to be male the Mastertons gave it away to a childless couple .

Maria Park had even talked the childless presidential couple into adopting her older son.

It was on the outskirts of the village and belonged to an elderly, childless couple .

Inpart it was a response to the needs of childless white couples for whom white infants were no longer available for adoption.

It has all the latest technology to help childless couples , but not enough first-class semen.

I think in vitro fertilisation is wonderful for childless couples , but I could never consider that option for us.


As she opened the gate, some people came out of the front door - an elderly couple with Susan behind them.

In 1952, the family rented an 800-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment that the elderly couple still call home.

An elderly couple were leaning over their garden gate.

An elderly couple is silently eating chicken and mashed potatoes at a table by the window.

The only photograph was of an elderly couple on top of the television, grey-haired and sporting smiles of false teeth.

The other man to die was Brian Roberson, 36, who stabbed to death an elderly couple in 1986.

Still the elderly couple , a Mr and Mrs Stevenson, stayed with me.

The clients included secretaries, elderly couples , marketing managers.


As the happy couple took their places there was a stir and a rising babble behind them.

The happy couple warring in public, being at odds over what really was the truth.

They walk, like a happy couple .

Now the happy couple plan a new ceremony to bless their marriage.

Friends and relatives are expected to give paper money to the happy couple after traditional ceremonies, writes Gurbir Dhillon.

In Anne and Tim, she will be longing for at least one happy couple within the Royal Family.

The dancing had stopped momentarily, and a space had been cleared round the happy couple .

Even the happiest of couples need some space between them.


We gaze across the breakfast things like an old married couple , and I remove a smear of marmalade from the tablecloth.

One of the implications of this is that married couples will be together for longer.

The proportion of out-of-wedlock births has increased so much mainly because the number of births to married couples has sharply declined.

Their life was going to be different from those of the married couples around them, he had promised himself.

Your tour started with only three married couples , did it not?

Voluntary childlessness Perhaps 5 percent of married couples choose to be childless.

All married couples , provided they live together, are entitled to claim.

By 1988, married couples with children made up no more than 26 percent of all households in Britain.


It is a happy but open ending, as the young couple , like most others, face an uncertain future.

And there was this terrific young couple , Herb, deep in lust and love.

With a young couple aboard it?

None the less the young couple eventually married, which in the face of so much Glover resistance undoubtedly took some strength and resolve.

Time allowed 00:18 Read in studio Eight young couples are living in new homes thanks to a village's own housing scheme.

Right away I get flagged by a young couple standing next to a building with bars on the doors and windows.

A young couple , they had been out touring; she was driving and in charge.

We finally found a young couple and they got as far as the front door.


in a couple of shakes/two shakes

same-sex couple/relationship etc


A young couple were walking hand in hand along the beach.

An elderly couple live next door.

An elderly couple was sitting on the park bench.

It's increasingly common for unmarried couples to live together.

Shirley and Bob are a young married couple with two small children.

the couple who live next door to me

The house was bought by a young married couple .

They're a nice couple , aren't they?


An entrepreneurial couple we talked to had always wanted to run a bed-and-breakfast.

And I've seen Fred a couple of times in the last few years.

By making breaking up harder to do, supporters believe that couples will focus more on staying together.

He intends to invite some of these couples and top fertility clinic experts to appear before his panel.

However, away from the cameras and microphones, the couple argued continually.

It was a couple of hours before I could get back to Eleanor Darcy.

Most bankruptcies involve couples who jointly file a petition to have their debts wiped out.

The couple fell in love before they had even set eyes on each other during a six-month long distance courtship.

II. verb


Efficiency is improved by coupling large numbers of boxcars together.


And Feinstein had voted for an earlier version when it was coupled with a minimum wage increase.

But after three relatively small grape harvests in a row coupled with continuing strong consumer demand, grape prices continue to increase.

This meant, I assumed, that men coupled on the premises.

This must be coupled with the creation of an attractive environment, through the transformation of derelict sites.

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