Meaning of SECTION in English


■ noun

1》 any of the more or less distinct parts into which something is or may be divided or from which it is made up.

↘ N. Amer. a measure of land, equal to one square mile.

↘ chiefly N. Amer. a particular district of a town.

↘ NZ a building plot.

2》 a distinct group within a larger body of people or things.

↘a subdivision of an army platoon.

↘ Biology a secondary taxonomic category, especially a subgenus.

3》 the cutting of a solid by or along a plane.

↘the shape resulting from cutting a solid along a plane.

↘a representation of the internal structure of something as if it has been cut through.

4》 Surgery a separation by cutting.

5》 Biology a thin slice of plant or animal tissue prepared for microscopic examination.

■ verb

1》 divide into ~s.

2》 Surgery divide by cutting.

3》 Brit. commit (someone) compulsorily to a psychiatric hospital in accordance with a ~ of a mental health act.


~al adjective

~alize or ~alise verb

~ally adverb

~ed adjective


ME: from Fr. ~ or L. sectio(n-) , from secare 'to cut'.

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