Meaning of SECTION in English


[sec.tion] n [L section-, sectio, fr. secare to cut--more at saw] (1559) 1 a: the action or an instance of cutting or separating by cutting b: a part set off by or as if by cutting

2: a distinct part or portion of something written (as a chapter, law, or newspaper) 3 a: the profile of something as it would appear if cut through by an intersecting plane b: the plane figure resulting from the cutting of a solid by a plane

4: a natural subdivision of a taxonomic group

5: a character used as a mark for the beginning of a section and as a reference mark

6: a piece of land one square mile in area forming one of the 36 subdivisions of a township 7: a distinct part of a territorial or political area, community, or group of people

8. a: a part that may be, is, or is viewed as separated "chop the stalks into ~s" "the northern ~ of the route" b: one segment of a fruit: carpel 9: a basic military unit usu. having a special function 10: a very thin slice (as of tissue) suitable for microscopic examination 11 a: one of the classes formed by dividing the students taking a course b: one of the discussion groups into which a conference or organization is divided 12 a: a part of a permanent railroad way under the care of a particular crew b: one of two or more vehicles or trains which run on the same schedule 13: one of several component parts that may be assembled or reassembled "a bookcase in ~s" 14: a division of an orchestra composed of one class of instruments 15: signature 3b syn see part

[2]section vb sec.tioned ; vt (1819) 1: to cut or separate into sections

2: to represent in sections ~ vi: to become cut or separated into parts

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