Meaning of SECTION in English




a section of a book

The most useful section of the book is the list of suppliers of artists’ materials.

a stretch/section of motorway

This stretch of motorway is always very busy.

rhythm section




The diagram is a cross section of the bowl blank with the desired circular arc superimposed.

Below it is a cross section inferred from the map, with eroded portions indicated by dashed lines.

He set up a powerful board of directors to represent a cross section of business, political and public sector interests.

It is best to select corals whose formation provides a minimum thickness in cross section of any area.

The simplified anatomy of a rose flower in cross section .

The leaf petioles are always triangular in cross section and can be easily distinguished.

A cross section of the filter chambers.

It had a ten-inch blade that was triangular in cross section .


Users provide different sections and annotate each other's work.

You can of course treat different sections in different ways, using a variety of techniques.

On the fourteenth day we moved to a different section of the training building.

Second, there is a duty to ensure that different sections of the public have been fairly treated.

It is also necessary to distinguish between different sections and levels of the republican movement.

Our work is awareness raising on issues of international justice and development, primarily with different sections of the church constituency.

Less direct forms of allusion are practised in different sections of society.

Beautifully inscribed biblical quotations dominate the different sections .


In the final section you did pay close attention to detail, but it remained only observation of detail.

The final section of the bill decided the regulatory powers of the Directorate General of Telecommunications.

The fourth and final section takes leave of society to look at the realm of theory.

The centre section deals with gastrointestinal fermentation and metabolism leading to a final section on the whole animal.

The final section of the walk takes you south to Montacute and then west to Ham Hill.

The final section considers the fine line between the explication of research methodology and confession.

In the final section , I will begin to cast some doubt on the terms in which the debate has been set.

The likelihood of this future scenario is further discussed in the final section of this chapter.


Print the following vertical four-part sections in the same way.

Examples of the application of some hybrid methods are discussed in the following section .

This issue is considered in further detail in the following sections .

Thus stock markets are no longer simply domestic institutions, one of the points we explore in the following section .

A possible way of minimising this difficulty is outlined in the following section on more general formative assessment.

In the following section I shall show that planned reformulations can be justified in terms of style.

The following sections discuss accepted literature methods of error detection and correction.

This has been augmented by retirement migration, a topic that will be elaborated in the following section .


She did things which were deeply unpopular to a large section of the political community which she was striving to hold together.

To large sections ofthe right, and in parts of the media, she is something of a hate figure.

A large section of the building immediately collapsed inwards.

A few still hang on today, but in large sections of the mountains a living dogwood is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, newspaper editors sometimes do not even exercise control over large sections of their newspapers.

Computer science is a bit like a Gregorian chant a one-line melody changing state within larger scale sections .

They are simply baffled by how easily this country will help others when large sections of its own people are struggling.

Third, social services provide jobs for a large section of the labour force of all socio-economic groupings.


As explained in the previous section , any reasonable complete system is bound to be sometimes infinitary.

But his defence does not succeed in overcoming the problems mentioned in the previous section .

The categories of the previous section need breaking down.

In this case the home country exports good 1, just as in the partial equilibrium model discussed in the previous section .

This may or may not be joined with the rhythmic designs described in the previous section .

Our first restriction, used in the previous sections , is the assumption of constant expenditure shares.

However, as we have seen in the previous section , there may be an alternative explanation for the breadth-first behaviour.

The close relationship between criterion-referenced assessment and the curriculum has been referred to in the previous section .


A separate section describing famous Orc and Goblin warlords has been included after the army list.

A separate section in this chapter is devoted to the topic of measurement itself.

Please see separate section for full listings.

They tend to work at entirely separate sections of the music, ignoring each other, but talking all the while.

Note. -There is a separate procedure under section 86 for dealing with complaints against senior officers above the rank of chief superintendent.

Collate to gather separate sections or leaves of a book together in the correct order for binding.

The engine and crew compartment can be assembled as two separate sections and stuck together when dry.


Leave it in and twist small sections of hair together to achieve better curl formation.

Taking small sections of hair at a time, pull your hair over the Flexi Comb and tuck under the edge.

Once a small section is completely removed the rest should come away easily.

Arups worked out a method of cutting out the rusted iron in very small sections and strengthening it as they went along.

Both letters refer to a small section of between the end of the footway and the start of the flood bank proper.

I just want to sketch small sections of it.

That road ran out of money, and only small sections remain.

Only hair of the highest quality is used which is bonded to small sections of your hair.


This can be extremely useful for overviews of a thin section , grain shape and size determinations and for fabric analysis.

Color seen in thin sections is a good, quick guide to the identification of certain minerals.

These can only be discriminated in thin sections viewed under the microscope after they have been exposed to appropriate dyes.

Rack structures are of structural steel or thin section steel construction.

Point counting of many thin sections is tedious; however, its uses generally outweigh the time spent in data accumulation.

Stained peels or thin sections may be enhanced by using a complementary filter on the illuminator.

Although the strength would be adequate, the thinner section makes the handlebar uncomfortable to hold.

Both grain size and sorting can not, therefore, be measured directly from a thin section and can only be estimated.



Even mums who have a Caesarean section leave after just five or six days at the most.

A decision was made that the delivery should be by Caesarean section .

In 1989 shaves were associated with caesarean sections .

On average, around 13 percent of babies are delivered by Caesarean section .

A line was established from clone 59 and clean stocks derived by caesarean section .

The Caesarean section was performed in the early hours of Monday 6 July, but unfortunately the baby was stillborn.

In 1966, while undergoing a Caesarean section , she had suffered a collapse under the anaesthetic.


Try I fall in love too easily for the young Marsalis's strong sound gelling with the experience of the rhythm section .

The electric bass for ever altered the relationship between the rhythm section , the horns, and other melodic instruments.

The rhythm section provided a perfect cushion for the soloists, springy and supportive but never obtrusive.

It was in Vegas that Sinatra decided to book Norvo as his opening act and as his regular rhythm section .

It also saw Joyce and Rourke emerging as a formidable rhythm section .

The rhythm section of these hits then began cutting behind the poorly shouted vocals of a white keyboardist named Harry Casey.

Now, drummers like Roy Haynes or Elvin Jones could be heard and studied, not buried in big-band rhythm sections .



Optical aids prescribed by a low vision specialist will be described later in this section of the book.

The other side effects described in the section on levodopa may also occur with bromocriptine administration.

Trainers' courses are described in a later section .

The most favourable field is in the local government service, which will be described in the next section .

All the phenomena to be described under the section Complex Partial Seizures strongly suggest a temporal lobe origin.

The details of the consultation are described in section 6 of this paper.

The five-step process is described in the following sections .


Ways in which mobility can be made easier for visually handicapped pupils are discussed in the section on mobility in Chapter 6.

In this case the home country exports good 1, just as in the partial equilibrium model discussed in the previous section .

Examples of the application of some hybrid methods are discussed in the following section .

Two other caveats: First, what we have discussed in this section applies to service delivery, not regulation.

Conventional stocks and index-linked stocks are discussed further in sections 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 below.

This is discussed in the following section on bromocriptine therapy.

It is important to remember this when it comes to playback and this is discussed in the next section .


They take a map of the world, and divide it up into sections .

The presentation was divided into three sections , the first being instrumental.

Now she cut the skin, peeled it back carefully, divided the orange into sections .

The results are divided into two main sections .

A Squadron had been divided into sections for the first period of their military training.

It is divided into seven sections , called Titles.


concluding remark/section/stage etc

In that case, he may have to tape his concluding remarks before the story is actually over.

In the concluding remarks not only the main conclusions related to diffusion and production are summarized.

In the concluding section we shall speculate as to why this might have been. 6.

Section 3.4 provides a rather briefer coverage of internal relationships, whilst section 3.5 contains some concluding remarks.

The concluding section considers the relationship between the external and internal auditor.

The exhibition will be basically chronological in format with a concluding section of twenty-one drawings.

These are points to be returned to in our concluding section.

This concluding section explores selected implications for practice.

orchestra section/seats

the brass (section)

But they and other progressives had both the brass and backbone to make themselves heard.

It boomed as if the whole house was a resonating chamber for the brass instrument on the door.

It was then that the bullet flew past him, hitting the brass cross and sending the crucifix crashing to the ground.

Item 2 is the brass scroll which was once part of the Royal Warwickshire regiment's cap badge.

Remove the brass engine-maker's plaque, and those same cheque-books might more than conceivably snap shut.

Sheila and I were responsible for polishing the brass and crystal chandelier that hung over the dining-room table.

The oven heats the brass molds from which the maroon felt takes its shape.

the percussion (section)

A constant clash and tinkle came from the kitchens across the courtyard, like the percussion section of an orchestra from hell.

And I just remember the percussion lineup, and the rhythm section.

As the Wolverines sashayed closer, the percussion concert of battle to the north became more insistent.

But this time there was only a disappointing click; not even the percussion cap fired.

That released the firing pin, which in turn fired the percussion cap and triggered a chemical reaction that generated oxygen.

There was a crack, but no sepoy dropped dead; the percussion cap had fired but not the pistol.

the strings/the string section

the winds/the wind section


conic sections

First class seats are in the front section of the plane.

Garnish the salad with fresh grapefruit sections.

Swimsuits are next to the lingerie section .

The disease spread through the poorer sections of the city.

The final section of this chapter will deal with recent developments.

the final section of this chapter

The party's Young Conservatives section is growing fast.

The tutor asked the brass section to play their piece again.

We had to go to the `late payments' section of the Financial Aid office.

Who has the sports section ?


A convenient notes section on each page points out major features encountered and emphasises detail occurring in the plate illustrated.

Experts say this whole section of the ancient Abbey was in imminent danger of collapse.

I therefore lined the guttering with sections of emergency foil blanket.

It also includes a section measuring attitudes towards social issues.

The final section is the expedition, the main reason why people do the award scheme.

The medieval section has been moved from its original site.

The state organization section attempted to make good the shortcomings of the Weimar Constitution.

This, like the motoring section , is now absolutely crammed with reminders and relics of yesteryear.

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