Meaning of SKIP in English


~ 1

■ verb ( ~s , ~ping , ~ped )

1》 move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce.

↘jump lightly over.

2》 Brit. jump repeatedly over a rope which is held at both ends and turned over the head and under the feet.

↘ N. Amer. jump over (a rope) in such a way.

3》 omit (a section of something or a stage in a sequence).

4》 fail to attend or deal with; miss.

↘ informal leave quickly and secretly.

5》 throw (a stone) so that it skims the surface of water.

■ noun

1》 a ~ping movement.

2》 N. Amer. informal a person who defaults or absconds.


ME: prob. of Scand. origin.


~ 2

■ noun

1》 Brit. a large transportable open-topped container for bulky refuse.

2》 a cage or bucket in which workers or materials are lowered and raised in mines and quarries.

3》 variant spelling of skep .


~ 3

■ noun the captain or director of a side at bowls or curling.

■ verb ( ~s , ~ping , ~ped ) act as ~ of.


C19 (orig. Scots): abbrev. of ~per 1 .

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.