Meaning of CSK SOFTWARE in English

< company > An international software company formed by the merger of Quay Financial Software and Micrognosis , and fully owned by CSK Corporation , Japan.

CSK Software is based in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with offices in London (UK), Zurich (Switzerland), Madrid (Spain), and Singapore. Products segments are RDD: Realtime data delivery, main product is Slingshot for delivering real-time data over the Internet (real push technology). ETS: Electronic Trading Systems, price calculation and automatic trading (with connections to XONTRO and XETRA ). EAI: Enterprise Application Integration , main product is XGen , an universal message converter with GUI and connections also to SWIFT (SWIFT gold label).

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E-mail: info@csksoftware.com .

Address: CSK Software AG, Opernplatz 2, D-60313 Frankfurt, Germany.

Tel: +49 (69) 509 520. Fax: +49 (69) 5095 2333.


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