Meaning of COMPANY in English

SPI Sperry Univac Online Media Tandem Computers Sperry Corporation Bell Aimnet Be Inc 3Com Corporation Network Computing Devices Datastorm Technologies, Inc. Caribou CodeWorks Internet Service Provider Fifth Dimension Technologies Insignia Solutions, Inc. Olivetti Quality Systems & Software Ltd. Informatics Corporation BBN Technolgoies Bachman Information Systems Convergent Technologies Integrated Information Technology Tandy Bentley Systems, Inc. Hotline Communications Ltd. BTRIEVE Technologies, Inc. Prime Computer Berkeley Softworks Hotline Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AI International Berkeley Software Design, Inc BTRL Spatial Technologies InfoStreet, Inc. Computing Devices Canada Ltd. Corel Corporation Compuware Corporation Convex Computer Corporation Atari Iomega Corporation InWorld VR Adobe Systems, Inc. Multiflow Computer General Electric Atherton Technology Novell, Inc. Bull Information Systems Novell Data Systems RSA Data Security, Inc. Imperial Software Technology InfoSeek CSK Corporation Callware CSK Software Interactive Software Engineering Interactive Development Environments Quadralay Corporation National Advanced Systems Netcom On-line Communication Services, Inc. Base Technology SRI International Cray Research, Inc. AverStar SQRIBE NeXT, Inc. 3DO Office Workstations Limited Business Software Alliance Net:X Intel Corporation Cyrix NetX NCR Corporation Index Data Cadence Design Systems Network Solutions, Inc. Fox Software Automatrix, Inc. CADRE Intelsat Data General FileMaker, Inc. RSA GE Information Services Sterling Software, Inc. Autodesk, Inc. Stepstone Corp Imsai Integrated Systems Laboratory Aladdin Enterprises Internet Access Provider Gartner Group Fraunhofer Gesellschaft NEXOR Aladdin Systems, Inc. Baan SPSS, Inc. Gateway 2000 Industrial Programming, Inc. FOundation for Research and Technology - Hellas International Computers Limited plc Netscape Communications Corporation Burroughs Corporation International Business Machines Audio Processing Technology Ada Core Technologies Banyan Qualcomm Frame Technology Corporation Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. Microsoft Corporation Digital Research Harris Semiconductor Ltd. SEGA Acorn Computer Group Microslop Thinking Machines Corporation Artisoft, Inc. Digital Equipment Corporation Micro$oft Micron Electronics, Inc. Gupta Corporation ACME Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems PeopleSoft MMI eHelp Corporation SDRC Kodak FTP Software, Inc. KSR MIPS Technologies, Inc. Kvatro Telecom AS EMD Enterprises, Inc. DigiCash Plug Compatible Manufacturer British Telecom Acorn Computers Ltd. BTRIEVE Digital Seagate Technology Ashton-Tate Corporation Gensym Corporation British Broadcasting Corporation Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation ParcPlace Systems Apple Computer, Inc. Cirrus Logic Apollo Computer Silicon Graphics, Inc. The Metadata Company Lucent Technologies The MathWorks, Inc. Sendmail Inc. Siemens Nixdorf Informationssteme, AG Borland Software Corporation Chips & Technologies Shugart Associates TGS Systems Symbolics, Inc. Adaptec Lotus Development Corporation RedNet Ltd. Sierra Texas Instruments Sequent Peripheral Technology Group Play, Inc. ARI Service Trident Sinclair Research Simware, Inc. Dyalog Limited MCI PKWARE, Inc. Clarify Dynix Automated Library Systems Philips CityScape Cisco Systems, Inc. Fujitsu SDS Claris SyQuest Technology, Inc. Lund Software House AB Compaq Computer Corporation Exabyte Praxis Critical Systems Powersoft Corporation Somar Software Software in the Public Interest, Inc. Sun Microsystems, Inc. Symantec GMD Rambus, Inc. Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration Software Publishing Corporation RAMTRON ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. OWL Teletype Corporation CompuServe Corporation Computer Generation Incorporated Tabulating Machine Company Computer Associates International, Inc. IST Stratus IXI Limited Gnome Computers AST AST Research, Inc. Original Equipment Manufacturer Expert Systems Ltd. SAP SAP AG Cayenne Software Oracle Corporation AST Computers, LLC EuroNet Sybase, Inc. Dell Computer Corporation Sysdeco Mimer AB American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. Scientific Data Systems Motorola, Inc. common carrier America On-Line, Inc. ICL MOS Technologies KIDASA Software America's Multimedia Online Delphi Centronics British Telecom Research Laboratories Scriptics Demon Internet Ltd. Greystone Technologies telco AMD SoftVelocity Inc. Amdahl Packard Bell Electronics, Inc. Software AG Softlab Amdahl Corporation Oz-Email Commodore Business Machines Univac Westmount XEROX Corporation ZOLA Technologies Zynet Ltd. Unisys Corporation Wolfram Research, Inc. Unir Tech Upright Database Technology AB U.S. Robotics, Inc. value added reseller Vine Technology UUNET PIPEX VME Microsystems International Corporation Wind River Systems Western Digital Corporation WordTech Unipalm Group plc Tymshare, Inc. Yamaha Verilog SA Yourdon, Inc. Xilinx, Inc. Zilog Unipress Software, Inc. WinSoft Products Ltd Unify Corporation WordPerfect Corporation Watcom International

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