Meaning of COMPANY in English

(OTHER PEOPLE) [noun] [U] - (the presence of) a person or a group of people with youIt was a long journey and I was grateful for his company.It's good he enjoys his own company (= he likes being alone) because he has a very lonely job.I travelled in the company of (= with) two teachers as far as Istanbul.Darling, I'd rather you didn't mention my little problem when we're in company (= with other people).You'll like Rosie - she's good/interesting company (= enjoyable to be with).He's poor/dull company (= not enjoyable to be with) - he doesn't say much.Everyone here is so badly dressed, present company excepted (= I'm not criticizing the people I am with).See also accompany.Company is also used to refer to a person or animal who is present for friendship or to prevent someone feeling alone.Margot came to stay for a week as company for my mother while I was away.If you do something for company, you do it to be with or to have the feeling that you are with other people.I usually have the radio on for company.When her children left home Eleanor bought two dogs for company.I'll keep you company (= stay with you so that you are not alone) till the train comes.When I'm alone, I have the TV on to keep me company (= so that I don't feel alone).Where did you pick up words like that? Is it the company you're keeping (= the influence of the people you spend time with)?He's been keeping bad company (= spending time with unsuitable people).(literary) With only her thoughts for company (= Being alone), she walked slowly along the seafront.(humorous) "I can't play tennis - I'm hopeless at it!" "Oh well, you're in good company (= we share the same problem)."

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