Meaning of COMPANY in English

n. & v.

--n. (pl. -ies)

1. a a number of people assembled; a crowd; an audience (addressed the company). b guests or a guest (am expecting company).

2 a state of being a companion or fellow; companionship, esp. of a specific kind (enjoys low company; do not care for his company).

3 a a commercial business. b (usu. Co.) the partner or partners not named in the title of a firm (Smith and Co.).

4 a troupe of actors or entertainers.

5 Mil. a subdivision of an infantry battalion usu. commanded by a major or a captain.

6 a group of Guides.

--v. (-ies, -ied)

1. tr. archaic accompany.

2 intr. literary (often foll. by with) be a companion.

Phrases and idioms:

company officer a captain or a lower commissioned officer. company Sergeant-major see SERGEANT. err (or be) in good company discover that one's companions, or better people, have done the same as oneself. good (or bad) company

1. a pleasant (or dull) companion.

2 a suitable (or unsuitable) associate or group of friends. in company not alone. in company with together with. keep company (often foll. by with) associate habitually. keep (archaic bear) a person company accompany a person; be sociable. part company (often foll. by with) cease to associate. ship's company the entire crew.

Etymology: ME f. AF compainie, OF compai(g)nie f. Rmc (as COMPANION(1))

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