Meaning of COMPANY in English



a commercial company/organization

Many commercial companies are having financial difficulties.

a company car (= one that your company gives you to use )

She was given a company car.

a company/occupational pension (= one that your employer pays )

I've been paying into the company pension scheme for 20 years.

a computer company

He runs his own computer company.

a construction company/firm

It’s the largest construction company in Mexico.

a film company/studio (= a company that produces films )

a European film company trying to compete with the major Hollywood studios

a phone company (= one that provides a telephone service )

I switched phone companies.

a rival company/firm

It may have to merge with a rival company to stay in business.

aerospace company/worker etc

employment in the aerospace industry

an electricity company

Some electricity companies may be able to offer you an environmentally friendly option.

an employee joins a company/firm etc

Employees who join the firm after April receive a percentage of the annual bonus.

an energy company

a state-owned energy company

an insurance company

Rachel works for an insurance company.

an oil company

YPF was the state oil company in Argentina.

assembled company (= all the people who had come there )

He looked around at the assembled company .

associated company

award a company a contract (= give them a contract )

The state of Kentucky has awarded the firm a $10m contract.

company car

company law

company loyalty

As people change jobs more often, company loyalty is less common.

company secretary

company/hospital/university etc policy

It is not company policy to offer refunds.

dozens of people/companies/cars etc (= but not hundreds or thousands )

Dozens of people were killed.

electronics company/industry/firm etc

finance company

go-ahead company

a go-ahead company

holding company

joint-stock company

limited company

parent company

private limited company

public company

public limited company

removal company/man etc

The removal men have been in and out all day.

reputable firm/company

If you have a burglar alarm fitted, make sure it is done by a reputable company.

shipping company/industry/agent etc

a Danish shipping company

a shipping route

staff/union/company etc rep

You need to speak to the students’ rep.

start a business/company/firm etc

She wanted to start her own catering business.

stock company




Like most successful independent entrepreneurs, Mr McGovern loves talking big about his company .

The big bank holding company said the thrift, based in Las Vegas, has $ 1. 8 billion in assets.

Full-scale commercial provision by big companies is one possible model of market-based welfare.

Like 49ers infected with gold fever, big communications companies are rushing to the Internet with dreams of striking it rich.

In fact, purists claim the big companies use so many the end result is not cider at all.

Top company executives say they are well aware of the tendency of big companies to become more bureaucratic.

The big companies surely miss a chance by doing nothing for the club.

The next big state company slated for sale after Light is Cia.


Will they continue to be concentrated in large companies or will there be a growth in the relative importance of small firms?

But such supporters as promotions by large companies might not last for long.

We are offering an attractive remuneration package including a company car and other larger company benefits.

Ned is a corporate planner in a large electronics products company .

Bankruptcy for Bond Corporation, which employs 21,000 people worldwide, would represent the largest company failure in world business records.

Three large utility companies -- AT&038;.

But as large companies have big overheads and do not like risky ventures they often do not want to become involved.

These large companies have obvious advantages in the service provider business because of their well-known brand names.


The fall in record sales during the 1980s has damaged the newer sector of the industry more than the major companies .

Loretta Barrett, our literary agent, was a successful editor at a major publishing company .

With his group the Daintees, he was a high profile act with a major record company until quite recently.

A gregarious single woman in her mid-thirties, she came to me feeling atrophied in her position with a major insurance company .

You should then aim at getting into one of the major research companies .

Some major companies now seem, however, capable of finding ways around the obstacles.

Jan 16, 2001 A new alliance of major technology companies is being forged in Washington to address the problem of hacking.


These powers are being replaced by new rights for multinational companies .

Here I had these multinational companies fighting over me.

A medical officer of a large multinational company once described people as being like oil rigs.

But a strong dollar crimps big, multinational companies , which generally have a huge portion of their operations abroad.

The government therefore turned to multinational companies as potential suitors for Rover.

Already 70 major financial institutions and several multinational manufacturing companies have established fund management arms there.

The government promised to draw up a charter of principles for multinational companies .


According to Datamation magazine the new company would be the world's sixth largest computer and information systems company.

A new holding company will be formed as part of the merger.

It recently merged with a Wigan-based firm to form a new company called Longwall International.

The proposal, which requires shareholder approval, will create a new company with shares that trade separately.

The new company assumes responsibility for the profitable development of these sites and any future surplus land.

Loral shareholders will get one share in the new company for each Loral share now held.

The firms participating in this new company are among the main contributors to Conservative Party funds.

Ian Bayer, chief executive of Hemlo Gold, will be president of the new company .


Often subsidiaries are required to guarantee or give charges in support of borrowings by the parent company or other companies in the group.

One reason for this was the lesson Philips and other consumer electronics companies had learned about the importance of global standardisation.

The agreement is being cited as a model for other companies working in Third World countries.

I only wish I could say the same of some other companies !

The Military Cross, and other awards from companies and foreign governments are expected to sell for more than two thousand pounds.

Few other company executives were in the running, not even the cigar-chomping Lee Iacocca of Chrysler.


Institutional care is provided by a private company as well as by the state.

In a private company , the market value of the stock is determined by an outside valuation performed yearly.

The source of Mr Mukhametshin's wealth is a private company called, unsurprisingly, Anis.

The city also hired a private company to build and run its cogeneration plant at the Miramar landfill.

The Regulations make clear that these sections do not apply to any private companies , whether limited by shares or guarantee.

Possible underpricing of its services, which could discourage competition from private companies .

By a government licence under the Act, Mercury Communications, a private company , was authorized to establish a communications system.

The private nuclear company had lost its government contract.


Table A in the Schedule to the Act specifies articles of association for both private and public companies limited by shares.

Arky, Freed had quite a few public companies as clients.

The residual stakes would eventually be placed in a new public company 51 percent owned by the Treasury.

However, building societies are gradually moving towards the status of public companies .

To meet the challenge the public authority would have to be transformed into a public limited company .

The value in sharing All public companies should report on their shareholder returns, according to Coopers &038; Lybrand.

They accept that, in principle, it is possible for private and public companies to suffer severe financial hardship.

To me, a public company should diversify.


That's why large companies often fall and small companies step in.

Because of their high failure rate, small entrepreneurial companies will continue to be volatile places to work.

When a small company arranges to supply a bigger client, settlement terms of, say, 30 days may be agreed.

But if 1996 belongs to smaller companies or foreign stocks, your portfolio could be left in the dust.

But a small company may not set up and run its own scheme.

A big company in a complex business pays its executives more than a small company in a simple business.

Interestingly, the smaller the company , the more likely employees were to perceive these benefits.



Many employers are now cutting back on company cars .

The company car , the company plane, the special privileges will have to be justified.

The typical executive has a company car , private medical insurance and a company pension scheme.

I told him that he had six months and if he performed well I'd buy him a company car .

That was a lot of money for the time, and the horse was like having a company car today.

The higher grades of employee were supplied, as was the custom with many firms, with shiny, new company cars .

But he quoted a survey that reported that 51 percent of all company cars were imported.


The deadline for suing the drug companies came and went - and she had to drop out.

Fears On the other hand what is holding the Index back is the drug companies .

When the drugs companies insisted on time to prepare a response, Judge Bernard Ngoepe called their bluff.

If it was a drug company , they rely pretty heavily on impressive animal test data to put the product over.

And what of the drug companies ?

The minister can make a decision that a drug is too expensive and the drug companies have no right to defend themselves.

Mrs Bottomley also warned the drug companies that the prices of medicine would be closely watched.


Sun Microsystems turns SunSoft into a holding company with nine subsidiaries.

The company must be an unquoted UK-resident company, and a trading company or the holding company of a trading group.

Similar consent provisions may be contained in the financing arrangements of the vendor's shareholders and ultimate holding company .

Will state holding companies be needed?

If the operating company is to be sold, the disposal can take place at the holding company level.

To this day the holding company owns a 25.23% blocking minority in Daimler.

Under the new system, banks' holding companies can do almost everything directly, with the notable exception of trading securities.

The holding company form has been used to provide a buffer between the state enterprises themselves and political direction by the state.


Yes, I have changed insurance companies and, yes, I have asked for written confirmation of cover.

The salesmen spoke with institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies , and savings and loans.

Building societies were converting into banks, insurance companies were changing their status, the air was thick with windfalls.

But most analysts agree that many health insurance companies would be driven out of business.

He already has the backing of £4.5 million from the Prudential insurance company .

This insurance company may be looking for a safe mortgage.

Wright, for example, traded on the fact that he was the agent of a well-known insurance company .

A gregarious single woman in her mid-thirties, she came to me feeling atrophied in her position with a major insurance company .


This point can perhaps also be illustrated by some of the recent legislative reforms of company law .

Rather, the focus on shareholder interests results from a private conception of the company and company law .

It is therefore not unlikely that before long Parliament may abolish the ultravires rule in company law altogether.

I actually gave a few lectures there myself on company law .

Within company law doctrine this idea has no real impact.


This listed the names of oil company directors who may have committed offences.

Chandler turned to detective fiction after being fired from his job at an oil company because of his drinking problem.

The film was financed by off-shore oil company money and there were no health and safety standards.

The oil company pays no property taxes.

Public finance and expenditure Relationships between oil companies and host Governments have frequently been uneasy and sometimes open conflicts have developed.

No major oil company has agreed yet to blend the product into its gasoline.

He was told that the oil companies did not directly employ many of the drivers, who were self-employed subcontractors.

And major oil companies , many of which have substantial operations in the home state of House Ways&038;.


The main disadvantage is that political or economic instability within the country may cause problems outside the control of the parent company .

Based in King of Prussia, Pa., Centeon consists of the existing blood-plasma divisions from both parent companies .

There is tremendous scope for MBOs to create value, both for parent companies and private equity investors.

Blockbuster Inc's parent company , Viacom Inc, owns mount Pictures.

It has been developed and refined over the last four years by engineers at the company's parent company, General Motors.

His new parent company may now be adding different tension as he lays plans to rationalise staffing structures.

Its parent company runs tugs, shipping and heavy engineering businesses.

The parent company has issued a legally-binding letter of support to the subsidiary.


Any phone company that puts loyalty above flexibility is destined for the morgue.

The Official Family was like the phone company .

Then the Government quietly pulled out and turned the operation over to a handful of communications giants and the long-distance phone companies .

Commissioners will thrash out how much phone companies can charge their competitors for using their lines in various ways.

Target customers include the regional Bell operating companies , independent phone companies, and network software suppliers.

The education program, ordered by state regulators, is the largest undertaken by a phone company .

It is just a matter of time before the big phone companies squeeze the small players out by underpricing them.

You need a contract with a phone company to activate the phone and purchase service.


Although Thorn has backed away from chrome, other record companies are supporting it.

You know, when the Beatles started there was a record company guy who said electric guitar music was finished.

He talks about being shipped around London like cattle at the beck and call of the record company with a weary shrug.

As a result, record companies frequently receive demos tapes suited to a publisher's attention.

To that end, the agent meets with an artist's management and its record company to decide the best touring period.

They are likely to be in debt to their record company for a number of years.

They talked to the record companies .



Membership, from £200 a year based on company turnover, gives access to all these.

The Millsboro, Oregon-#based company is expected to release fiscal third-quarter earnings tomorrow before the stock market opens.

The Montreal-#based company blamed acquisitions and system upgrades for missing the target and said it will cut 150 jobs.

The Denver-#based company initially raises $ 20 million in equity from several nationally prominent venture capital groups around the country.

The Ivrea-#based company has reported four straight years of losses and two capital increases in as many years.

The Chicago-#based company set aside $ 210 million in the fourth quarter to cover loan losses.

Excluding the gain, the Redmond, Washington-#based software company said per-share earnings rose to 87 cents.


I enjoy your company , this is where we should eat our meals, together, of course it is.

They had enjoyed each other's company over the last hour, hacking along the foreshore of the estuary.

You know: you have to sort of get into what women do, be part of it. Enjoy their company .

She had always enjoyed men's company .

He relied on Charlie, and enjoyed his company .

We enjoyed your company and hope you will return ere long.

Johnnie Warburton used to work turn-about with him and they enjoyed each other's company .


Again, these can not be holding companies , but may carry out financing, factoring, treasury management and similar activities.

P., his privately held company , of $ 2 billion.

The internet, he argues, is dissolving the economic glue that holds traditional companies together.

Most recently, he was chief executive officer of Cibus Pharmaceutical Inc., a privately held drugdelivery company .

Some argue that downsizing is dissolving the glue that has traditionally held companies together, and without which they may never flourish.

Pursue is a privately held energy company .

Well, closely held companies often need the money available on the public stock exchanges.

A dozen Fortune 500 largest publicly held companies have headquarters in Dallas or its suburbs.


Everyone is most welcome to join this happy company .

The senior teacher, Gerd Larsen, joined the company in 1944.

Ian had been Group Financial Controller since he joined the company in 1989.

My lady and her women are lodged in the guesthouse, you need have no fears in joining their company .

He had joined his present company seventeen years before, with the 124 presidency of the company as his goal.

Since joining the company in March, Carpenter has developed a strategy to fend off Oakley.


Pro-Fit's president, Yehuda Mendelson, who sold the company to Norton's share price.

Still others sold out to larger companies .

Investors can sell shares in the companies they dislike, and hold on to stock in the ones they favor.

He sells his company and he sells himself marketing his own deeply held convictions.

But unfortunately at the same time they are trying to sell their companies to you.

The devices could be sold to schools and companies that need limited functionality from a computer.


blue-chip companies/shares etc

competing products/brands/companies etc

A simple comparison of total estimated income from the competing products may provide as good a guide to decision making.

Being a suspicious soul I also ran a competing companies test disk on the system.

Invariably, the own-brand range is offered at lower prices than the competing brands.

Price is now the main factor differentiating competing brands.

They do not adjust their shopping list to take advantage of price fluctuations among competing products.

This analysis will use recently developed techniques for measuring the competitiveness of a product amongst a group of similar competing products.

in mixed company

Most of us are happy in mixed company.

in polite society/circles/company

You can't use words like that in polite company.

Her passion for natural history became increasingly fashionable in polite society during the 17605.

In the good old days of rampant dualism, the mind was rarely mentioned in polite society.

It was not the sort of thing you did in polite company.

It was obvious from the scenes that such behavior did not belong in polite society.

Trevor Proby is another, of course, but his notables should not be discussed in polite company.

With sad paradox, Mr Punch himself became the man in the Bateman cartoon, unwelcome in polite company.

offshore banks/companies/investments etc

A review of offshore banks was also started and was expected to lead to several banks losing their licences to operate.

All plans are offered with guaranteed clean title in offshore companies.

For a good ways more, Collymore sailed onward to the offshore banks and then anchored.

The table below shows the best deals currently available from offshore banks and building societies.

part company (with sb)

After some participation in the Great Awakening as a youth, he parted company with its proponents.

After the two Penns parted company, the son found solace in a happy marriage to GuliGulielma Maria Springett.

At the crossroads to the south of Norwood we parted company.

Every one of us felt sad at having to part company with our particular horse or mule.

Happily there were no injuries to those few horses and riders who did part company.

Robson departs Bryan Robson has parted company with Middlesbrough after seven years in charge.

We walked the half-block to my car and then parted company.

Where dreams and reality parted company was about marriage and the dowry.

present company excepted

All men are selfish pigs - present company excepted.

sister paper/publication/company etc

And our sister paper the Sunday Mirror revealed yesterday she had given 37-year-old Bryan a room there.

At any rate, the most prominent critic was Nick Seitz, the editorial director of Golf Digest and its sister publications.

Journalists on our sister paper, the Liverpool Echo, also won awards yesterday.

Our sister company, the Snakes, made the first assault in the morning and received very little opposition.

two's company, three's a crowd


"Do you mind if I join you?" "No of course not, it's nice to have some company ."

Come over for dinner - I could use the company .

Davis joined the company as vice-president of sales nine months ago.

I go to French evening classes, for the company as much as for the French.

I was grateful for Jean's company on the long journey up to Edinburgh.

I wasn't much company for Aunt Margaret tonight.

It's not company policy to exchange goods without a receipt.

It is the second largest insurance company in Germany.

My father used to work for one of the big oil companies.

Now that she's gone, I really miss her company .

The company employs over 10,000 people worldwide.

The company was set up in 1975.

What company do you work for?


He was grateful to be in a company that recognized the value of education and training for management.

Her brain, as usual, seemed to have seized up in Roman's overpowering company .

The company I was in was extremely fortunate.

The company says that it has received inquiries from about 470 companies, of which perhaps a quarter are potential customers.

The company sells its batteries mainly through electronics stores but is expanding to grocery shops and kiosks.

The results were later played down by the company .

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