Meaning of TEXT in English

DPS ed Plain Old Documentation troff APLWEB Lorem ipsum greek PFE literate programming outline font Extensible Markup Language tracking GCAL Extensible VAX Editor line editor leading TeX point TeX-82 Mule emTeX TeX-78 Supplementary Ideographic Plane Emacs Adobe Type Manager Document Type Definition GNU sed Multiple Master descender desktop publishing Acrobat LaTeX Didot point Mint Is Not TRAC metaphone tag TECO Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language Microsoft Word Comprehensive TeX Archive Network soundex jadeTeX Open Document Management API James' DSSSL Engine generic identifier generic markup copy and paste Corel VENTURA text editor DOCMaker Text Encoding Initiative markup Tickle Aleph Standard Generalized Markup Language ES-1 kerning KeySpell Kleene star Optical Character Recognition Notepad case sensitivity font FrameMaker International Phonetic Alphabet ascender rendering Postscript point point BibTeX roff bitmap font pt PS automatic hyphenation Sed \big ATA point Formatting Output Specification Instance flat ASCII regular expression Basic Multilingual Plane IN point @Begin PostScript \begin wild card word processor word wrap Visual Interface TrueType Vi Improved Truchet point typeface Xemacs Word for Windows WordPerfect

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