Meaning of TEXT in English


/ tekst; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] the main printed part of a book or magazine, not the notes, pictures, etc. :

My job is to lay out the text and graphics on the page.


[ U ] any form of written material :

a computer that can process text

printed text


[ C ] = text message


[ C ] the written form of a speech, a play, an article, etc. :

The newspaper had printed the full text of the president's speech.


[ C ] a book, play, etc., especially one studied for an exam :

a literary text

( BrE )

'Macbeth' is a set text this year.


[ C ] a piece of writing that you have to answer questions about in an exam or a lesson

SYN passage :

Read the text carefully and then answer the questions.


[ C ] ( NAmE ) = textbook :

medical texts


[ C ] a sentence or short passage from the Bible that is read out and discussed by sb, especially during a religious service

■ verb

to send sb a written message using a mobile phone / cellphone :

[ vn ]

Text me when you're on your way.

[ vnn ]

I'll text you the final score.

[ v ]

Kids seem to be texting non-stop these days.

—see also SMS , text-message



late Middle English : from Old Northern French texte , from Latin textus tissue, literary style (in medieval Latin , Gospel), from text- woven, from the verb texere .

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