Meaning of TEXT in English


I. noun


a text file

The text file contains hints on how to get the best out of the program.

a text message (= a written message that you receive on your mobile phone )

Her phone kept beeping whenever she got a text message.

biblical story/text/reference

the biblical story of Noah

text message

text message

She’s always text messaging her friends.




In this way, apparent contradictions between Copernican astronomy and biblical texts would be eliminated.

Most of these are paraphrases of biblical texts , and like hymns they vary in theological emphasis and musical appropriateness.

The altered states, the plangent electronic keyboards, and her use of Biblical text all conspire to create a portentous sound.

The biblical text suggests simply that he spoke of them, knowledgeable man that he was.


It largely disappears when literary texts are treated as cultural traces in a cognitive rather than an affective reading.

It still remains the case pace Freeman that a literary text like King Lear is not definitively explicable.

Increasingly, literary texts are becoming available in computerised form.

For Brooks, Wimsatt and Beardsley complexity and coherence together constitute the key considerations in the analysis of literary texts .

We considered media education largely as part of the exploration of contemporary culture, alongside more traditional literary texts .

For the production-model of the literary text is a very academic one.

Nineteenth and twentieth-century literary texts are also studied through lectures and tutorials.

Truth is similarly found to have no real status in the literary text .


This represented the honours system at its most farcical, said Mr Wilson's original text .

Queries can be processed even with errors in both queries and the original text .

This means that the original word processor text file gets behind in the alterations.

The original text of the poem was later restored.

Textual criticism Textual criticism is concerned with recovering the original text of a document.

For a supplement expresses what can not be said in the original text .


There is a clearly written text with an illustrated chronology of the country's history taking it up to 1992.

The incorporation of hand written text placed on top of the photographs referenced women's un acknowledged areas of writing, diaries and letters.

Indeed, the conditions of Elizabethan and later Stuart regulation of drama required a written text .

The approach is conceptual and skills-based, with extensive use of audio-visual resources, fieldwork and written texts .

These variations can include the use of signs and diagrams to replace, or partly replace, written text .



The input file in the example below is a text file produced by a word-processor.

You laid out your publication by selecting a text file and pasting it on the page.

It allows a separate header text file to point to the file or files to be stored.

You can view text files by clicking on them.

This way you don't need an editor to view a text file .

It's quite magical to watch a Wordstar text file being converted directly into MacWrite without any interference from the user.

This means that the original word processor text file gets behind in the alterations.

However, the text file describing the circuit requires some long hours studying the manual.


He shows her a text message sent by Emily asking how the field trip is going.

If the software detects unusual activity on an account, it will send a text message to the mobile phone.

However, the spokesman said it will contact the body before any text messages are sent out.

Amnesty International is also harnessing text messages to apply speedy pressure on governments to release political prisoners.

Almost all users sent and received text messages .


Analogously, computerised text recognition needs to use higher level knowledge to achieve comparable levels of performance.

An ulterior motive for performing text recognition is to convert existing printed material into a computer format that permits further processing.

The development of reliable text recognition procedures would serve two important functions.

Conclusions A probabilistic syntax processor has been developed to assist in the selection of the correct words for a text recognition system.

There are difficulties associated with automatic text recognition however.

Existing systems for performing text recognition are susceptible to errors.

For an automatic text recognition system to succeed it should exploit as much of the higher level information as is computationally possible.

Incorporation of some of the linguistic information that humans employ is necessary to improve text recognition systems.


set book/text etc

But not in his set books!

Galsworthy was a set book: I felt I knew the Forsyte Saga by heart.

One of the set texts for Advent dealt with the birth of John the Baptist.

So was Naipaul, the writer of a book which was a classroom set text.

When a graphics element is placed on a page there is now an option to set text wraparound.


religious texts

The front page had no text , just a photograph of the Princess and a huge headline.

The word processor automatically divides your text into pages.

You can cut and paste whole blocks of text very easily on screen.


Finally, the Appendix contains a short bibliography that includes mostly those works to which references are made in the text .

Handwritten text , either cursive or hand-printed, is much more difficult to recognise than printed text.

He thought she just wanted to glance at something in the text and he let her take It.

The texts I selected are all written by male philosophers.

Those changes appear to be so great that they will certainly still be affecting readers of this text in the 1990s.

We can only hope Gilstrap won't push to have any of that text deleted.

II. verb


Text me as soon as you get your exam results.

My daughter spends nearly all her time either on the phone or texting her friends.

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