Meaning of BOTTOM in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈbɔtəm ]

n., adj., & v. --n. 1 a the lowest point or part (bottom of the stairs). b the part on which a thing rests (bottom of a saucepan). c the underneath part (scraped the bottom of the car). d the furthest or inmost part (bottom of the garden). 2 colloq. a the buttocks. b the seat of a chair etc. 3 a the less honourable, important, or successful end of a table, a class, etc. (at the bottom of the list of requirements). b a person occupying this place (he's always bottom of the class). 4 the ground under the water of a lake, a river, etc. (swam until he touched the bottom). 5 the basis; the origin (he's at the bottom of it). 6 the essential character; reality. 7 Naut. a the keel or hull of a ship. b a ship, esp. as a cargo-carrier. 8 staying power; endurance. --adj. 1 lowest (bottom button). 2 last (got the bottom score). --v. 1 tr. put a bottom to (a chair, saucepan, etc.). 2 intr. (of a ship) reach or touch the bottom. 3 tr. find the extent or real nature of; work out. 4 tr. (usu. foll. by on) base (an argument etc.) (reasoning bottomed on logic). 5 tr. touch the bottom or lowest point of. øat bottom basically, essentially. be at the bottom of have caused. bet one's bottom dollar sl. stake all. bottom dog = UNDERDOG. bottom drawer Brit. linen etc. stored by a woman in preparation for her marriage. bottom falls out collapse occurs. bottom gear see GEAR. bottom line colloq. the underlying or ultimate truth; the ultimate, esp. financial, criterion. bottom out reach the lowest level. bottoms up! a call to drain one's glass. bottom up upside-down. get to the bottom of fully investigate and explain. knock the bottom out of prove (a thing) worthless. øøbottommost adj. [OE botm f. Gmc]

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