Meaning of EAR in English


n. 1 a the organ of hearing and balance in man and vertebrates, esp. the external part of this. b an organ sensitive to sound in other animals. 2 the faculty for discriminating sounds (an ear for music). 3 an ear-shaped thing, esp. the handle of a jug. 4 listening, attention. øall ears listening attentively. bring about one's ears bring down upon oneself. ear-drops 1 medicinal drops for the ear. 2 hanging earrings. ear lobe the lower soft pendulous external part of the ear. ear-piercing loud and shrill. ear-splitting excessively loud. ear-trumpet a trumpet-shaped device formerly used as a hearing-aid. give ear to listen to. have a person's ear receive a favourable hearing. have (or keep) an ear to the ground be alert to rumours or the trend of opinion. in one ear and out the other heard but disregarded or quickly forgotten. out on one's ear dismissed ignominiously. up to one's ears (often foll. by in) colloq. deeply involved or occupied. øøeared adj. (also in comb.). earless adj. [OE eare f. Gmc: rel. to L auris, Gk ous]

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