Meaning of LITTLE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈlɪtl ]

adj., n., & adv. --adj. (littler, littlest; less or lesser; least) 1 small in size, amount, degree, etc.; not great or big: often used to convey affectionate or emotional overtones, or condescension, not implied by small (a friendly little chap; a silly little fool; a nice little car). 2 a short in stature (a little man). b of short distance or duration (will go a little way with you; wait a little while). 3 (prec. by a) a certain though small amount of (give me a little butter). 4 trivial; relatively unimportant (exaggerates every little difficulty). 5 not much; inconsiderable (gained little advantage from it). 6 operating on a small scale (the little shopkeeper). 7 as a distinctive epithet: a of a smaller or the smallest size etc. (little finger). b that is the smaller or smallest of the name (little auk; little grebe). 8 young or younger (a little boy; my little sister). 9 as of a child, evoking tenderness, condescension, amusement, etc. (we know their little ways). 10 mean, paltry, contemptible (you little sneak). --n. 1 not much; only a small amount (got very little out of it; did what little I could). 2 (usu. prec. by a) a a certain but no great amount (knows a little of everything; every little helps). b a short time or distance (after a little). --adv. (less, least) 1 to a small extent only (little-known authors; is little more than speculation). 2 not at all; hardly (they little thought). 3 (prec. by a) somewhat (is a little deaf). øin little on a small scale. the Little Bear see BEAR(2). little by little by degrees; gradually. little end the smaller end of a connecting-rod, attached to the piston. little finger the smallest finger, at the outer end of the hand. little man esp. joc. (as a form of address) a boy. little ones young children or animals. little or nothing hardly anything. the little people fairies. Little Russian hist. n. a Ukrainian. --adj. Ukrainian. little slam Bridge the winning of 12 tricks. the little woman colloq. often derog. one's wife. no little considerable, a good deal of (took no little trouble over it). not a little n. much; a great deal. --adv. extremely (not a little concerned). øølittleness n. [OE lytel f. Gmc]

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