Meaning of PLACE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ pleɪs ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a a particular portion of space. b a portion of space occupied by a person or thing (it has changed its place). c a proper or natural position (he is out of his place; take your places). 2 a city, town, village, etc. (was born in this place). 3 a residence; a dwelling (has a place in the country; come round to my place). 4 a a group of houses in a town etc., esp. a square. b a country house with its surroundings. 5 a person's rank or status (know their place; a place in history). 6 a space, esp. a seat, for a person (two places in the coach). 7 a building or area for a specific purpose (place of worship; bathing-place). 8 a a point reached in a book etc. (lost my place). b a passage in a book. 9 a particular spot on a surface, esp. of the skin (a sore place on his wrist). 10 a employment or office, esp. government employment (lost his place at the Ministry). b the duties or entitlements of office etc. (is his place to hire staff). 11 a position as a member of a team, a student in a college, etc. 12 Brit. any of the first three or sometimes four positions in a race, esp. other than the winner (backed it for a place). 13 the position of a figure in a series indicated in decimal or similar notation (calculated to 50 decimal places). 1 put (a thing etc.) in a particular place or state; arrange. 2 identify, classify, or remember correctly (cannot place him). 3 assign to a particular place; locate. 4 a appoint (a person, esp. a member of the clergy) to a post. b find a situation, living, etc. for. c (usu. foll. by with) consign to a person's care etc. (placed her with her aunt). 5 assign rank, importance, or worth to (place him among the best teachers). 6 a dispose of (goods) to a customer. b make (an order for goods etc.). 7 (often foll. by in, on, etc.) have (confidence etc.). 8 invest (money). 9 Brit. state the position of (any of the first three or sometimes four runners) in a race. 10 tr. (as placed adj.) a Brit. among the first three or sometimes four in a race. b US second in a race. 11 Football get (a goal) by a place-kick. øall over the place in disorder; chaotic. give place to 1 make room for. 2 yield precedence to. 3 be succeeded by. go places colloq. be successful. in place in the right position; suitable. in place of in exchange for; instead of. in places at some places or in some parts, but not others. keep a person in his or her place suppress a person's pretensions. out of place 1 in the wrong position. 2 unsuitable. place-bet 1 Brit. a bet on a horse to come first, second, third, or sometimes fourth in a race. 2 US a bet on a horse to come second. place-brick an imperfectly burnt brick from the windward side of the kiln. place card a card marking a person's place at a table etc. place in the sun a favourable situation, position, etc. place-kick Football a kick made when the ball is previously placed on the ground. place-mat a small mat on a table underneath a person's plate. place-name the name of a town, village, hill, field, lake, etc. place-setting a set of plates, cutlery, etc. for one person at a meal. put oneself in another's place imagine oneself in another's position. put a person in his or her place deflate or humiliate a person. take place occur. take one's place go to one's correct position, be seated, etc. take the place of be substituted for; replace. øøplaceless adj. placement n. [ME f. OF f. L platea f. Gk plateia (hodos) broad (way)]

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